Vermeer Confidence Plus® asset protection program

The Confidence Plus asset protection program provides the ongoing service customers need to assist in protecting the productivity and value of their Vermeer equipment.

It helps your customers manage expenses — and offers peace of mind. Add Vermeer Confidence Plus program protection to the initial purchase finance package or lease, or add it anytime within the standard one-year warranty period. When customers finance their maintenance expenses, they can know and plan for fixed payment upfront. The Vermeer Confidence Plus program is eligible to be included in a finance contract if sold with a qualifying machine, and it may also be added to any finance contract with appropriate documentation.

Protection plan options

Want to offer your customer an extended service option? Show them the advantages of premium versus base Vermeer Confidence Plus program coverage for Vermeer equipment.  All plans require to return to base (Local Vermeer Dealer service Centre) travel time and operator error diagnostics not included.

Premium coverage

  • Available on new Vermeer equipment
  • Select either two years or three years of coverage measured from the original warranty start date with no machine hour restrictions on qualifying equipment
  • Planned maintenance and comprehensive inspection at regular intervals for the first 1,000 hours covered at no charge (additional packages available to purchase)

Base coverage

  • Available on new Vermeer equipment
  • Select either two years or 2,000 hours/three years or 3,000 hours of coverage measured from the original warranty start date
  • One year or 1,000 hours parts and labor coverage at no charge

Standard limited warranty coverage

  • Available on new Vermeer equipment
  • One year or 1,000 hours parts and labor coverage measured from the original warranty start date


  • Vermeer industrial equipment less than seven years of age and under 5,000 hours of use, including horizontal drills, grinders, track units, stump cutters, whole tree wood chippers, tub grinders, mini skid steers, ride-on tractors, brush chippers, pedestrian trenchers, trommel screens, compost turners, pile drivers and forestry tractors.
  • Competitive industrial equipment falling under the same age and use limitations as above with the exception of forestry tractors, which are not applicable for this program. Competitive equipment: powertrain and hydraulic components as per the competitive equipment terms and conditions set forth in the competitive equipment application form
  • 3 months/250 hours, 6 months/500 hours or 12 months/1,000 hours, whichever occurs first
  • Other coverage terms may be available. Please contact the Vermeer warranty department for more information.

Covered components:

  • For Vermeer equipment, all components falling under the Vermeer standard limited warranty are covered by this program.

Dealer benefits:

  • Simplified program
  • Coverage gives dealers additional incentive to do the service work for covered units
  • Fixed costs for maintenance — four planned maintenance intervals included
  • Program is designed for new Vermeer equipment

Enrollment procedure:

  1. Download the applicable Confidence Plus extended service contract.
  2. Email the completed contract to the Vermeer Confidence Plus program team.

Claims procedure:

1. Claims processed for the extended warranty coverage are reimbursed at:

  • Full U.S. list price for parts, full shop rate for the labor.
  • This includes planned maintenance claims and claims received after the first year standard limited warranty expire.

2. Claims for Vermeer equipment are addressed through the Vermeer warranty department. Please follow standard claim procedures to file a claim. The factory compensates for the dealership via standard warranty reimbursement protocol.

Maintenance intervals and inspection forms:

  • Inspection forms are used during regularly scheduled routine service hour intervals of 250, 500, 750, and 1,000 hours.
  • Inspection forms are machine-specific and identify critical components on the machine.
  • Inspection forms assist technicians to help verify current machine health.
  • Inspections help identify worn items that could impact productivity.
  • The inspection forms help prevent future issues.
  • Technicians check for any open applicable kits and updates.
  • When customers travel from one dealer territory to another, the Vermeer Confidence Plus program allows customers to receive consistent service.
  • Use the stocking list application for assistance with part numbers for each interval.


  1. Make sure all dealership sales personnel are familiar with the program.
  2. Be sure to identify all equipment that carries Confidence Plus coverage in your advertising.

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