Our parts center located at 22 Ballantyne Road, Kewdale is fully equipped to help you maintain the level of production and productivity expected from running Vermeer Equipment. Our fully stocked shelves will help maintain your tree care, directional drill, skid steer, forestry & organic recycling, trenching, or surface mining equipment to the highest order. Vermeer parts are manufactured to the specific tolerances found on your equipment when it was first purchased. Through using genuine Vermeer parts, you not only maintain your warranty but also extend the life of your machinery.

Our showroom offers a full range of SherrillTree arbor gear soon to be available on our webstore. Our arboriculture and arborist equipment include tree climbing equipment such as climbing harnesses, tree-climbing ropes, and rigging, throwlines, weights, carabiners, micrograms, and helmets.

We also stock a range of ancillary items such as lubricants, solvents, and auto electrical parts including Bosch batteries, Gulf Western Oils, Total Oils, and Liberato Solvents, to assist you in completing your work effectively.

In addition to ancillaries, arborist equipment, and genuine Vermeer parts, Vermeer WA & NT is the preferred supplier of Down Hole Tooling to HDD tooling users. Vermeer has been the innovative leader in underground horizontal directional drilling since the beginning. We do not compromise quality for the price which means you can be guaranteed when you purchase Vermeer genuine HDD Tooling it will last the test of time. All Vermeer HDD tooling products are constructed with the highest-grade metals and created using state-of-the-art machining to help ensure extended wear life.

Talk to the Parts Team for more information about quality Vermeer parts, arbor equipment, or ancillaries either by visiting our parts center, via email, or phone us on (08) 9479 4994.

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