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Surface Miner

Precision Surface Mining

In a world where traditional mining techniques are being replaced with contemporary machines that prioritise safe and efficient extraction, Vermeer’s design delivers on every front. Whether you’re building a tarmac, road, or mining for precious ore, we have the equipment that will do your job with ultimate precision, pace, and efficiency that reflects our 20 years of experience in surface mining applications. 

Power where it counts 

With a clever direct drive power design that places more cutting power at the front, our interconnected drum cutter and drive-motor system ensure maximum power is delivered to the ground beneath. With the emphasis on productivity, our dual high-torque, low-speed hydraulic motors deliver improved drive power performance meaning your work is done faster.

Mine smarter not harder

With integrated onboard Vermeer TEC® Plus computer-aided control systems, your job is made easier by technologies that aid in monitoring and improving various control modules. This delivers greater efficiency and translates into fewer hours spent on the basics. With the ability to track and record certain functions, your on-site efficiency is improved, making for easier and intuitive surface miner handling. 

No space too wide or wall too high 

Vermeer’s high wall capacity delivers cutting power to a single side allowing for walls to be mined with ease and safety. Track-driven, and highly manoeuvrable, no job is too high or too wide when it comes to our range of surface miners.

Mine anywhere, anytime with Vermeer’s Surface Miners

With high-quality safety glass glazing and an Air-Ride Cab that cancel noise and vibrations, Vermeer’s surface miner equipment delivers unparalleled operator comfort, and allows you to take on tasks even in the harshest of conditions. With pressurised, air-conditioned cabins that fold away for transportation, you can take Vermeer’s range of surface miners anywhere. At Vermeer, we ensure operator safety is a priority, and with elevated and enclosed cabins, that improve visibility, making your job easier and safer.

Bristling with Vermeer patents 

Vermeer patented dust suppression mechanisms ensure safe working conditions in every environment, and patented tilt attachments create a 5-degree tilt which can make all the difference when you’re after a smooth finish. Our integrity to the brand and service to the customer make this range of surface mining equipment more capable and clever than ever. 

Invest smarter with a better warranty 

At Vermeer WA & NT, our mining equipment comes with premium warranty options that protect your investment down the track. With a 1 year/1000hr warranty and optional extended programmes such as Vantage Track with a 3-year/3000-hour or a 5-year/5000-hour warranty, you can be sure your investment is protected against the improbable. 

Surface Miner after-sales support for your crew

At Vermeer WA & NT, we ensure your equipment is both well-maintained and used to the best of its ability. Our after-sales support system offers professional training and up-skilling for crews in need of training. Your practices are our business – we aim to support you beyond the handover. Reach out to our sales team for a quote today.