T1655III Surface Miner

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Vermeer T1655III Terrain Leveler® SEM

Centred on the framework of Vermeer Commander 3 track trenchers, and paired with the patented Terrain Leveler® surface excavation machine (SEM) attachment, the T1655 Terrain Leveler SEM is founded on a proven market leading platform.

Dual CAT engines, deliver 1200 horsepower to the machine. The cab, equipped with the TEC Plus operating system, allows the T1655 to communicate with the various control modules located throughout the machine. While the machine is performing, the air-ride suspension system on the cab provides a smooth, quiet ride for the operator in the typically harsh environment of a mining operation. It also features a filtered air system, dual self-contained cooling and heating systems, sound attenuating foam as well as dual air-ride suspension seats for optimum operator and trainer comfort.

  • PATENTED TILT ATTACHMENT. The patented tilt attachment tilts 5 degrees in either direction allowing for cutting to grade and a smooth pit floor.
  • IMPROVED EFFICIENCIES. Drive motors attached directly to the cutter drum improve efficiencies and reduce wear costs associated with chain, sprocket and belt transmissions.
  • TOP-DOWN CUTTING. Top-down cutting, as developed by Vermeer, allows the cutter teeth to gain penetration without using the machine’s tractive effort to drive the teeth into the material.
  • SMARTTEC ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM. SmartTEC performance monitoring assists operators with adjustments to machine controls to help improve efficiency and tracks the operational performance of the machine on a consistent platform across all machine models.
  • VANTAGE TRACK. Relax in the confidence that your investment is protected and your enture closed-loop hydrostatic system is covered with either an optional 3-year/3000 or 5-year/5000 hour extended care service program.
  • MOBILITY AND STABILITY. The T1655III dual tracks and low centre of gravity allow for manoeuvrability and stability over the changing and diverse surface conditions.
  • Air Ride Cab: This feature provides a smooth, more comfortable and quiet ride for the operator even in the hardest of conditions.
  • Cab Safety Glass: This glazing offers improved scratch resistance and is tinted to minimize ultraviolet light transmission while maximizing visible light transmission. This helps keep the cab cooler while still allowing excellent visibility and safety.
  • Direct Drive Terrain Leveler Attachment: This not only improves efficiency, but reduces wear costs associated with chain, sprocket and belt transmissions.
  • Dual Engine, 1200 hp (895 kW): This machine meets Tier 3 emission standards and meets all Caterpillar application requirements. The dual engine configuration provides power to a common pump drive so that both engines each provide power to all machine functions, allowing each engine to be fully utilized during machine operation. If one engine is not operational, the machine is still able to operate at single-engine power level. This enables the machine to be driven to a maintenance area for necessary service.


fuel-efficient engine

300’ (91.4 m) of Firestick® drill rod

Common CAN controls

Efficient operator’s station

Enhanced carriage speed

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