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Vermeer BC2100XL T3 Wood Chipper

The Vermeer BC2100XL brush wood chipper is powered by a 275 hp (205.1 kW) Tier 3 diesel engine to tackle the toughest land clearing projects.

With a 21-inch capacity and the largest infeed table in its class, the BC2100XL allows for smooth material feeding.

Offset horizontal feed rollers provide a theoretical combined 10,000 lb (4536.9 kg) of pulling force and allow for easier feeding of material and less need for manual control of the upper feed roller when chipping large diameter material.

An exclusive SmartCrush system provides increased down pressure on the material being fed and assists when feeding forked or processing branchy material.

  • Bottom Feed Stop Bar: Helps to increase operator safety while manually feeding material.
  • Chip Chute Cleanout Door: Easier chute access for the operator to clean out potential clogs.
  • Cutter Drum Engagement: Eliminates the need for an over-center clutch that requires adjustment, rebuilding or replacing. This helps to decrease the cost of operation associated with clutch failures.
  • Engine Options: With three engine options, contractors have the ability to choose an appropriate power level based on their specific jobsite needs.
  • Feed Roller Pulling Force: Pulling force provides greater ability to pull in “whole trees” that have limbs and branches attached to the main trunk of the tree. It also helps reduce the need for repositioning the material while being fed.


Vermeer WA & NT

fuel-efficient engine

Vermeer WA & NT

300’ (91.4 m) of Firestick® drill rod

Vermeer WA & NT

Common CAN controls

Vermeer WA & NT

Efficient operator’s station

Vermeer WA & NT

Enhanced carriage speed

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