A recent addition to the company’s range of drills, the Vermeer D130S Horizontal Directional Drill has quickly been adopted by drilling operators around the world. Now, CD Drilling is the first customer in Australia to take delivery of the revolutionary machine.

Vermeer D130S Horizontal Directional Drill


Packed with power, yet nimble enough to work on cramped drill sites, the D130S will be used for large-diameter drilling and infrastructure upgrade projects in both densely populated urban areas, as well as in regional locations.

The D130S offers a number of other features and options – geared to improve job productivity and operator comfort and safety. These include a crane to load drill rod boxes, a climate-controlled cabin and an intuitive control system.




Want to find the right machine for your large-diameter drilling project? Speak to one of our team members today on (08) 9479 4994.


large-diameter drilling project

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