Vacuum excavation is a non-destructive digging (NDD) process which utilises high-pressure water to break down soil, which is then removed by high-volume air through a vacuum hose and deposited into a spoil tank on the unit. Vacuum excavators are available in a range of configurations, from small trailer-mounted units to larger truck-mounted options for higher volume requirements.

At Vermeer WA & NT, we pride ourselves on our quality range of vacuum excavator trucks and Vac trailers. These provide NDD solutions across regional and remote areas alike, enabling WA contractors, councils and utilities to get the job done efficiently, effectively and safely with minimal disruption to the surrounding areas.

Applications for Arborists (Arboriculture Industry)

As a non-destructive process, vacuum excavation is perfectly suited to situations where excavation is needed in areas close to sensitive trees, landscaping, utilities and other infrastructure. When used to excavate for tree planting, vacuum excavation brings the added benefit of introducing water to the site.

Importantly, unlike other tools, such as backhoes, traditional excavators or mattocks, the vacuum excavation process, when done correctly, minimises the risk of damage to existing utilities. In addition to the obvious safety risks, damaging existing utilities can be very costly – leading to job downtime, rework, amendment to plans, and significant fines from utility owners.

Arborists can also take advantage of different nozzles and the ability to calibrate different levels of water pressure to utilise their vacuum excavator as an ideal, damage free technique for multiple smaller tasks. Vacuum excavation exposes and cleans off roots and existing infrastructure, giving the operator clear access to the job at hand. This makes the process an ideal technique to use for tasks such as:

  • root inspections done as part of pest insect and disease management,
  • root deflector and barrier installations,
  • selective root pruning and
  • isolation of root ball in transplanting


Many arborists also provide facilities maintenance services. The versatility of vacuum excavators also makes them a major asset for many such tasks. Examples include:

  • high-pressure water blasting
  • gutter cleaning
  • leaf fall removal
  • clean-up of waste, debris and other contaminants


The Vermeer Range of Vacuum Excavators

Vermeer WA & NT provides a range of NDD solutions which save councils, developers and contractors time, labour and material handling costs. The risk of damaging utilities is minimised and, because surface disruption is also minimised, the finished landscapes are improved.

With units ranging between 400 and 11,000 litre spoil tank capacity and airflow speeds (cubic feet per minute, or CFM) to match, we have your vacuum excavation requirements covered. Click here for further information about the Vermeer range of vacuum excavators in Perth, or take a look at our market-leading range of trailer and truck mounted vacuum excavators.

For further information, or to arrange an initial discussion about your requirements, call us today or complete our online enquiry form. You can be confident of professional, knowledgeable advice and the right tools every time from the expert team at Vermeer WA & NT.

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