Drilling on any job-site can be unpredictable. With so many unknowns, approaching deadlines, and only so many hours in a day, maximising job-site productivity depends on your equipment’s ability to deliver maximum power when it counts. 

Brimming with power, this horizontal directional drilling masterpiece brings confidence to the most difficult of HDD drilling tasks. But it’s not just horsepowers that make this latest addition so attractive. The modern job-site is becoming more demanding from a noise, footprint, and versatility perspective. Let’s take a closer look at why Vermeer’s latest addition to the S3 class is the ideal solution to a variety of job-site needs. 


Compact and versatile 


The modern HDD job-site is becoming more urbanised, more compact, and increasingly complex. With a slim profile and compact body, the D23x30DR S3 is ready for all job-site challenges. But its slim profile isn’t just ideal for the typical suburban or CBD job-site, it’s also ideal for easy storage and transport solutions. Whether you’re looking to update existing equipment, expand your fleet, or even shift your approach to HDD, having versatility and scope to tackle a variety of jobs will give you the edge in a competitive industry.


Powerful in every way


Expect more, and watch it deliver: 106.8 kN of thrust/pullback and 4067.5 Nm of rotational torque delivered by a 100hp (75 kW) Deutz engine means unexpected rock or difficult drilling conditions won’t get in the way of the D23x30DR S3. With exceptional rotation speeds and delivering more linear feet per day, productivity is a given. Without wasting time on the basics, these HDD drills are built with the power to tackle the hardest of ground conditions. Choose from two engine configurations to match up with your expected job-difficulty. 


What dual rod technology means for your job-site


Dual rod systems are crucial when you’re working in tough ground conditions. Dual rod systems provide extra strength and durability when it comes to pulling through, here’s how they can transform your job-site productivity:


  • Tooling that is designed for rock, and difficult ground conditions 
  • More speed 
  • Reduced noise
  • Intuitive operation with a CAN system 


Nimble and lightweight


When preparing for a drill or moving to a different position, time is of the essence. Productivity on the job-site isn’t just about the main event – it’s also about how quickly and efficiently your machinery can be repositioned and moved according to schedule and needs. Getting the D23x30DR S3 from A to B I can track just over 5km/h making on-site manoeuvrability a breeze. Its lightweight body allows it to virtually tip-toe over delicate ground without damaging assets or the natural environment. When jobs take place on private grounds or in nature reserves, having a lightweight and low footprint machinery is crucial in making sure you don’t create more cleanup work down the track.


Latest Tech 


Use Vermeer Fleet telematics with your HDD Drills to sync up your jobs with maintenance schedules, track location, and health of machines – boosting productivity and operator performance. Using your smartphone, tablet or computer, get live updates and statistics on running time and fuel consumption. Tap into your job-site productivity, and stay ahead of the game by ensuring preventative maintenance and servicing are carried out on time.


Quiet all the way 


We understand that job-sites are often close to residential and critical infrastructure making noise a constant issue – especially when there are local regulations and time restrictions. Creating a machine that is both quiet for the locals and for the operator is the inspiration behind the D23x30DR S3’s sound power level. With 99 dB(A) guaranteed sound power level and an operator ear rating of 78.7 dB(A), your crew and local community can benefit from lower noise levels all-round. 


Simple investment – with no back-order. Up your HDD game today


When it comes to job-site productivity, having the right tools is everything. The difference between efficiency and inefficiency can be thousands of dollars and hours of work. Being on top of the job by being prepared for all circumstances. Investing in the latest Vermeer HDD drills is easier than ever. With the D23x30DR S3 both in stock and no back orders, you can update your HDD drilling equipment without the wait and without extra paperwork. For more details and to order your equipment hassle-free – reach out to the Vermeer WA & NT sales team. 

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