The new Vermeer VX30-250 Vacuum Excavator has landed.


Vermeer’s newest trailer-mounted vacuum excavator, the VX30-250, has just rolled into the Vermeer WA & NT warehouse.

Straight from the USA, the VX30-250 vacuum excavator is packed with features that make digging, excavation and utilities installation safer, more accurate and more efficient.


USA-made and more than tough enough for the harsh Australian conditions, the VX30-250 is a game-changer in vacuum excavation.

The Vermeer Advantage

Vacuum excavation does more than replace shovels. The innovative VX30-250 Vacuum Excavator offers contractors and municipalities a low-cost and incredibly portable solution for a wide range of excavation situations:

  • Safe excavation for water, gas and fibre installations and renovations
  • Non-destructive digging
  • Efficient potholing
  • Replace underground pipes and fittings faster
  • Support HDD jobs
  • Clear away hazardous material and contaminated soil.69*

So, what separates Vermeer from the competition?

Quality USA-made components

Like every Vermeer product, the VX30-250 features the highest quality American parts and latest technology.

The new Vac unit is portable and powerful for quick excavation, weighing in at just over 2,000kg empty with a gutsy 31 hp Yanmar diesel engine for on-demand vacuum pressure up to 381mm Hg.

The VX30-250 vacuum excavator is smaller, lighter and boasts 5-15% more vacuum power than its closest competitors.

Convenient kerb-side controls

Suited for domestic and international use, the user-friendly controls allow a single operator to work safely in urban environments.

As standard, the new model features electric start and throttle, full spoil tank override and water pump clutch, as well as gauges displaying the fuel level, vacuum and water pressure and hour meter.

In-tank washdown

Save time and make clean-up easier with an efficient in-tank wash system to remove stubborn debris. A high-pressure spray system simultaneously cleans away and dumps material so you can get to the next job sooner.

Plus, the VX30-250 features a clever dual tank shut-off system that prevents material from re-entering the blower. That means more reliability and a longer life for your new machine.

Powerful pump and 3-stage cyclonic filter

A specially designed 3-stage cyclonic separator and 2-micron poly filter make for safe non-destructive vacuum excavation of any material.

With a blower capable of displacing up to 16.3m3 every minute and a 381mm Hg vacuum more powerful than anything else out there, the VX30-250 makes vacuum excavation a breeze.

Safe and silent

Safety is always a top consideration for the installation of gas, water and fibre as well as non-destructive digging projects. That’s why the new model features a lockable sound dampening enclosure, to reduce noise at the operator’s ears and eliminate noise pollution.

Tough and efficient in every environment

For a safe installation of utilities in suburban areas, to non-destructive excavation in all kinds of soil, the VX30-250 is a versatile and valuable machine.

Already this powerful Vac unit has a strong track record around the world, and we are excited to see what it can do for many WA industries:

  • Water, gas and fibre installation
  • Civil excavation
  • Utilities renovation in metro, regional and remote areas
  • Mine site excavation

For a hands-on demonstration or simply to know more about the newest Vermeer vacuum excavator, contact the Vermeer WA & NT team.


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