A descendant from a long lineage of highly competent commercial and urban horizontal directional drilling equipment, the D23x30S3 is upping the ante with a whole new approach to underground utility jobs. 

Vermeer WA & NT are now stocking this new drill, and it’s time we took a deep-dive to see what it’s about.

The new machine basically takes all the features from its predecessor, the D20x22 Series II, and makes them quieter, more compact, and reliable. With an ever-increasing demand for reliable, low-impact HDD equipment, this latest model surpasses all industry expectations and is not going unnoticed by industry professionals, operating crews, and contractors.  

Compact design; powerful performance 

The first thing that comes to mind as you take your seat and don the earmuffs is: this machine is compact. Vermeer WA & NT are known for matching performance with size, but this takes it one step further.

Its design is carefully sculpted and geared for ultimate job-site access. Slipping through a narrow wooden gate, or crawling around a front yard like a lawnmower and then unleashing an abundance of power is the idea that underpins this drill’s unrivalled success. For smaller curb-to-home utility installs, operators can take advantage of powerful and reliable hydraulics to get jobs done with minimal hassle. 

Power is all go with a 100 hp (75 kW) Deutz engine making for excellent performance in tough Australian ground conditions. Expect equally impressive thrust/pullback (106.8 kN) and rotation torque (4067.5 Nm). With all controls operating at full capacity, drill time is reduced, while overall productivity skyrockets. 

Taking quiet to the next level

Fire up the engine, drill the pilot bore. 

The next thing you’ll notice is that the D23x30S3 is quiet. Extremely quiet. 

With a 99 dB(A) guaranteed sound power level, and an operator sound level of 78.7 dB(A), residential job-sites can benefit from less noise disturbance to the surroundings, while also allowing better on-site communication between crew members. More effective communication is vital to the success of day-to-day operations, and is essentially what makes this new model so attractive to crews working in tight urban environments. 

The preferred choice for power, gas, and fibre utility projects

Within its class, the D23x30S3 stands out as the ideal utility installation workhorse. From installing fibre-optics, electrical, and gas lines to name a few, utility contractors who are used to the previous D20x22 can cash in on improved efficiency in almost every aspect of the job. 

And there’s no doubt this drill maxes out on some key operator efficiency features. With a carriage speed coming in at around 62.8m per minute, this new HDD masterpiece is set to improve your efficiency underground, boosting your per-day drilling capacity translating to big savings across the board. 

Contractors stand to benefit most from this new drill’s mastery of small-scale commercial, urban, and residential utility jobs. With urban environments becoming denser, and with more emphasis being placed on a reduced footprint, the D23x30S3 settles the bill with its unique design, tight dimensions, low decibel count, and importantly, its powerful engine. 

Old-school control with ultimate job-site dependability

The machine is down to earth and does not boast anything it’s not capable of doing perfectly. When it comes to operating the drill, there’s a clear emphasis on accessibility and simplicity. 

Operator comfort, efficiency, and training needs are often overlooked features on any HDD equipment. We’ve seen more attention to this area in recent years, but it’s something that the D23x30S3 manages to pull off extremely well. The system is a simple dual joystick control with common controls and less wiring and fuses built in to increase its dependability. 

Faster, cleaner, and more agile

HDD efficiency is about moving between positions swiftly and with minimal footprint. Take too long lining up the drill and you drag down efficiency with longer run times. When there’s a busy, crowded job site, it comes down to your machine’s natural ability to maneuver and keep up pace with your deadlines. The D23x30S3 boasts an admirable 5.3 km/h tracking speed, and with light rubber tracks, it skims over the ground with minimal ground disturbance, making cleanup and teardown as simple as it gets. 

Speaking of transport, its short narrow footprint looks even better on a trailer, giving crews peace of mind when on the road, also allowing for swift unloading and loading into congested job sites with minimal room to move. 

The D23x30S3 answers the need for high powered compact and versatile HDD capability

Over at Vermeer WA & NT, it’s all about giving contractor’s the versatility they need to complete complex drilling jobs. And indeed, contractors can count on the D23x30S3 to deliver on all fronts. From the ease of transport, versatility on the job site, to its superb productivity features, this drill isn’t made for the idle contractor. Letting this machine loose on your next job site can change the way you do HDD going forward. 

Want more HDD capability? Get in contact with Vermeer WA & NT for more information on how you can add the D23x30S3 to your fleet and get back to the job with more power, less noise, and more reliability. 

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