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Whether you’re a professional arborist, or you’ve just decided to rid yourself of that annoying stump in the backyard, choosing the right stump grinder can be overwhelming with so many options on the market. Choosing the right one will depend on the size and density of the stump in question. Frequency of use, access, and terrain will also play a role in deciding between track driven or wheel driven ones. Here is the ultimate guide to Vermeer’s range of superior stump grinders.


SC30TX Stump Grinder & Cutter


This compact stump grinder sits on tracks to optimise balance, reduce stress on the equipment and drivetrain. It prioritises ease of use with a conveniently centred cutter wheel and the control system makes stump alignment simple and straightforward. A 25hp 2 cylinder petrol engine delivers mountains of torque to Vermeer’s very own Yellow Jacket cutter system making quick work of smaller to medium-sized stumps. With a clever cuttings collector system – cuttings are removed from the immediate work area, the SC30 prioritises on effectiveness and ease of use. The SC30 is ideal for one-off and backyard grinding jobs. 


SC40TX Stump Cutter & Grinder


SC40 TX-stump-cutterFor arborists, contractors, and council land management divisions, this stump grinder revolutionises the process with a rotating undercarriage making manoeuvrability a priority. A first of its kind operator platform means all jobs can be carried out with minimal effort. Positioning the grinder and moving between jobs is now easier than ever with a track driven, 40hp diesel engine. A SmartSweep engine monitoring system optimises cutting rate providing a seamless cutting experience. Naturally, Vermeer’s commitment to safety means all equipment is designed to be user friendly and as safe as possible. 


SC60TX Stump Grinder & Cutter


SC60TX STUMP GRINDERWhen it comes to maximising on power and efficiency, this stump grinder has all the perks. It’s conveniently sized, making access through gates easy, while also having a surprising amount of power. A plucky 4 cylinder Turbocharged diesel engine producing 60hp is what makes the Yellow Jacket cutter system turn. For medium stumps and larger projects, the SC60TX is equipped with a patented gearbox system which maximises horsepower while delivering more efficient cutting power. An optional remote control makes quick work of more complex and deeper stumps. With no belts or to replace or adjust, this presents a much faster, hassle-free market alternative. 


SC70TX Stump Cutter & Grinder


For largeSC70TX STUMP GRINDERr stumps and increased versatility, the SC70TX is primed for safety. With a unique operator system shield and optional remote control, any job is safely done. A turbocharged diesel engine producing 67hp coupled with Vermeer’s SmartSweep Control system makes cutting old dense wood a breeze. The cutter wheel is optimised for productive chipping, and with Vermeer’s own Yellow Jacket system cleaning and servicing is made simple. 



SC292 Stump Grinder & Cutter


SC292 STUMP GRINDERThis self-driven unit makes accessibility a priority with high and low range ground speed capability. With a 26.5 hp engine and improved fuel economy, the Yellow Jacket cutter wheel and optional AutosSweep technology make tackling even the larger ones easier and more effective. Servicing is made easy with all belts accessible from one side of the machine. 





SC362 Stump Grinder & Cutter


SC362 STUMP GRINDER With extra power and versatility, tree care contractors, and rental yards should take note of this stump cutter’s 35 horsepower, easy accessibility, low maintenance, and simple setup. With all-ground drive and excellent manoeuvrability, the SC362 is also low on emissions, minimising vibration, and maximising on user safety. Yellow Jacket cutter wheel and AutoSweep tech come as standard on the SC362. 





SC852 Stump Grinder & Cutter


SC852-Stump-GrinderFor the ultimate power and agility combo, the SC852 has been designed to deliver peak performance anywhere, no matter how steep or slippery the ground. A Deutz TD2.9L Tier 4 Final engine delivers 74hp to Vermeer’s Yellow Jacket system bristling with 26 teeth. The SC852 has 4 wheel drive capability, meaning no terrain is out of bounds. User-friendly perks like the SmartSweep monitoring system and optional remote control make this stump grinder even more effective. For larger jobs and bigger stumps, the SC852 represents the top of its class in every way.




Optional extras 


At Vermeer, you can expect more. For contractors, professionals and private users, Vermeer WA & NT offers optional extras that can make the job easier and more efficient. From special paint, planned maintenance, and remote controls, at Vermeer, we prioritise safety, quality, productivity, and efficiency. With a wide range of stump grinders on offer, we deliver excellent before and after-sales support, so get in touch with our team or simply ask for a quote – we are ready to assist.

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