As solar power becomes more prevalent across Australia, the construction of solar farms to facilitate renewable energy is on the rise. Constructing or maintaining a solar farm is becoming a quintessential part of the nation’s eco-friendly philosophy.

Are you a solar installation company or contractor working towards your next renewable energy project and want to ensure everything runs smoothly, affordably and efficiently? It’s important you utilise the latest tools and machinery available in the marketplace to prepare your project for success.

Clearing the Way for New Renewable Energy Projects

Solar farms are usually spread over vast areas that are troublesome and difficult to clear and maintain. Constructing a new renewable energy project can be a time and labour intensive job that is complicated, expensive, and fraught with possible perils. If you are in the early stages of your latest solar farm project and want to start off on the right foot, Vermeer can help you to achieve your goals.

Vermeer is one of Australia’s most reliable suppliers of construction, surface mining, environmental and compact equipment. When you need machinery to clear trees or clear larger areas of land in order to begin the installation of solar equipment, Vermeer has the most innovative solutions.

From horizontal grinders that can clear areas of several acres to machinery that can help to prepare and install solar panels, it’s important to make the right decisions from the beginning.

Constructing Solar Farms with the PD10 Solar Pile Driver

One of the most important machines for renewable energy companies looking to install solar technologies over vast areas of land is the PD10 Solar Pile Driver. This awe-inspiring piece of equipment is ideal for firms looking to rapidly expand their solar farms.

Vermeer’s PD10 is the leading solar pile driver in the US and is used in approximately 65% of large scale solar installations in America. The PD10 is also currently in use across major solar projects in Australia.

If you want to speed up the installation times of large-scale solar projects, which will result in massive savings on personnel while increasing efficiency, using the Vermeer PD10 is essential.

Vemeer’s nationwide support team of highly-trained solar technicians can help you to tackle the most difficult site and project with the PD10.

To find out more details in regards to the PD10 Solar Pile Driver and how Vermeer can help you to tackle your next renewable energy project in the safest, cost-effective and efficient way, click here.

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