As Australian worksites become more diverse, the tools needed to get the job done efficiently are changing too. These days, it’s not uncommon to see a vacuum excavator truck pulling up alongside a Horizontal Drilling or HDD system. In fact, it’s no surprise at all. These two pieces of equipment are totally complimentary. Here’s why these two get along so well.

Vacuum excavation is the ideal workhorse

As a low-impact and non destructive digging method, vacuum excavation takes on unique roles on the job site that many traditional methods of excavation fail to do with the same accuracy and versatility. Usually, vacuum or hydro excavation crews bring two key elements to a job site – both of which are useful to HDD drilling projects – namely targeted excavation via a high pressure water hose and the extraction of slurry and debris from the excavation site directly into the debris tank.

Vacuum excavation and HDD work on similar projects

Both hydro vacuum excavation trucks and HDD work on similar projects often with similar aims. Even though their end goals may differ slightly, both aim to deliver effective access to underground services and assets via means of targeted, low impact, and sustainable processes.

In search of efficiency – the ultimate duo

When it comes to getting the job done fast, the hydro excavation process can assist with time-consuming tasks like cleaning excess slurry, mud, and debris from the job site.

Anyone who’s worked a fair share of HDD projects knows that speed isn’t exactly the name of the game. And don’t expect any HDD project to be done “quickly”. The efficient extraction of loose dirt, slurry, and fluids from the job site takes time and effort.

Enter the vac truck.

Fully prepared with an industrial strength vacuum, the process of cleaning up after a messy drill is surprisingly simple.

How vac trucks assist on HDD projects

There are multiple ways in which vacuum excavators can deliver on key jobs on some of the most difficult and painstaking projects. Often mounted on trailers, vacuum excavator systems are easily delivered and put to work in a variety of different job environments. Here are some concrete ways that that vac trucks can assist:

Underground versatility

Versatile Vac trucks complement HDD job-sites in their ability to access excavation sites either in advance of or during the drilling process to assess the location of key underground utilities or subsurface assets. While underground HDD locator systems are good in determining the location and position of various assets, sometimes access is required to ensure the safety of the site or to conduct upgrades to an existing utility system.

The pothole expert

Accessing underground assets was traditionally done via small diggers, where loads of dirt would be churned up and displaced, creating a crowded job site and impacting the local environment. These days, the addition of a vacuum excavator changes the way that everyday construction and utilities locating tasks are done.

Dual purpose

Not only are vacuum excavator trucks expert in accessing underground utilities in an efficient and controlled way, but the vacuum function is also able to suck up excess drilling fluid during the back reaming and pullback process. This added bonus for HDD crews means a cleaner, more efficient drill, with less mess to clean up along the way.

Trenchless all the way

These days accessing building sites within metro areas is becoming more difficult due to the web of underground assets, overground structures, and high volume traffic environments. All this means that going into trenches is the only option available to installation crews. HDD projects are often hampered by complex underground rock formations, existing assets or excess waste water, slurry, or debris. With a hydro vacuum excavator on hand, crews are able to deliver highly targeted and accurate excavation without the need to displace large amounts of soil.

Drill with confidence

Ultimately, HDD crews have a much easier job knowing exactly what’s underneath, and with the chance to update their own guidance systems, the added bonus of a hydro excavation truck on-site means crews can drill with confidence, making for efficient delivery and cleanup.

Get the best of both worlds on your next job

At Vermeer WA & NT, we recognise that contractors and utility companies who are finding the combo so useful that we’re offering both HDD and vacuum excavation equipment together as a package deal. Consider taking advantage of our unique rent-to-buy scheme for all HDD equipment for added flexibility and versatility.

Kickstart your underground productivity

Your business can benefit from this added value by delivering on quicker, more accurate bores, while also benefiting from the added cleanup capabilities of the industrial vacuum.

Is your business ready for the next step in boosting your productivity underground?

Get in touch with the Vermeer WA & NT sales team today, we’re ready to assist.

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