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Vacuum excavation is a fast-growing sector. It’s easy to see why too. With increasingly complex job-sites, a focus on minimal footprint and low-waste, high-impact applications, the Vermeer range of vacuum excavators is growing in size and efficacy. Not only is the modern job-site more complex, but it’s also the battleground against time, shifting deadlines, and is riddled with high-stakes decisions and ever-evolving needs from a variety of stakeholders. At Vermeer WA & NT, we understand that as industries change, so to do the needs of contractors and builders alike. 


The application of vacuum excavators is constantly changing, along with industry standards, prices, and expectations. Here’s how Vermeer WA & NT’s leading vacuum excavation technology is changing the way things are done. 


Our top priorities:


Versatility. Starting with the basics, our range of vacuum excavators can adapt to a range of terrain and soil types. Having the ability to dig on-demand in a range of soils, and locations is important especially in geologically diverse regions. 


Accuracy. Our contractors are relying more and more on technology that can target specific excavation sites with faultless efficacy. Being versatile and accessible means nothing if the point of excavation can’t be finely adjusted. With ever-evolving technology, vacuum excavation is becoming more accurate and precision-orientated than ever before.


Sustainability. At Vermeer WA & NT we value sustainability. We know contractors do too. Our vacuum excavation technology is both environmentally sustainable and is likewise an important part of maintaining the integrity of local ecosystems, minimising damage to soil structures, and surrounding flora/fauna and structures. 


Quality. Here at Vermeer WA & NT, we take pride in the unrivalled quality of our products. Vermeer stands out with premium components that require less repair over the long term, meaning more time on the job and less time in the garage. 


From NBN to plumbing and gas: Australia’s best service locator

With an impressive rate of displacement and pinpoint accuracy, it’s no surprise that the applicability of vacuum excavator trucks extends beyond heavy industry and mining into the backyard and suburban streets. Vacuum excavation technology has become the preferred NBN installation method. From utilities, domestic and commercial plumbing, construction, and council cleanups, contractors are finding the expanding application of vacuum trucks to be both an essential and dynamic solution to many key tasks. 


The Vermeer Advantage: premium repairs, servicing, and products

When you choose Vermeer, you choose quality. From the integrity of materials used, to the design and overall efficacy of the product, you can be sure you’re working with the best tools on the market. But quality isn’t just about the integrity of the product itself. For underground NBN installation and service location, contractors using Vermeer technology are also automatically better off from a servicing and repairs perspective. With all repairs and servicing carried out locally in WA and NT, contractors can rely on a swift and reliable service with easy scheduling and minimal hassle. 


All the right tools – a phone call away 

Be it electrical works, phone line and internet cabling, irrigation cleanups, Vermeer has the tools on demand and ready to go. Vermeer’s vacuum excavator range is designed for swift application in a variety of complex digging jobs. At Vermeer, we understand the changing nature of modern job-site. The needs of contractors are shifting and so are the expectations of clients. With zero wait-time and no pre-order schedule, the equipment is yours whenever you need it. Whether it’s now or in a week, Vermeer WA & NT are ready to answer your call. 


It’s the little things that make a big difference

Fully serviced, and well maintained, Vermeer’s range of vacuum excavators are available on-demand and come with simple financing options and with a local first approach, you’re never left in the dark regarding ongoing servicing and repairs. No matter the task, you can count on better quality and power. For example, a 3000 PSI water pump delivering extra pressure, or a superior 575CFM blower will ensure your job is done quickly and effectively. Vermeer brings more value at lower prices. 

Vermeer WA & NT: commitment where it counts

With our commitment to safety, value, and efficiency, we continue to supply contractors, councils, and companies with the most effective and advanced vacuum excavation tools available. From smaller, more versatile units, to skid-mounted, and vacuum excavator trucks, Vermeer WA & NT are preparing for the future of vacuum excavation and the underground possibilities. Being at the forefront of vacuum excavation technology means we can supply your business with the tools you need to stay sustainable, competitive, and safe. Our commitment doesn’t stop when you sign off – we are here for ongoing help and support. 


Vacuum excavator for sale

Getting the right vacuum excavator for your needs will depend on the type of work done, the location, and other site-specific factors. There has never been a better time to invest in quality equipment that has a fast-growing capability and effective, high impact results. At Vermeer WA & NT, there’s always a special offer available, so be sure to ask about current offers and discounts. For more information, get in contact with our sales team today. 

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