Renewable energy is an important part of our future. Whether it’s the health of our environment, economy, or society at large, the benefits of green energy are only becoming more widely accepted and in demand. 

But what is renewable energy and why is it so important? 

Here’s what you need to know about supporting this growing industry. 

What is renewable energy?

wind and solar renewable energy

Renewable energy is a term that describes a bunch of energy sources that naturally replenish themselves in a short amount of time. Renewable energies also pose no threat to the environment – as they have next to no waste or dangerous byproduct. These renewable energies can be harnessed from many different sources, almost anywhere on the planet. 

How is non-renewable energy different from fossil fuels?

non renewable energy

Fossil fuel energies such as oil, natural gas, and coal are formed over time by natural processes and are typically made up of dead organisms, fossils, and plants. These fossil fuels release energy when burned. Due to their age and composition, they are also pact with a high carbon content which is released when burned. These gasses escape and rise into the atmosphere where they trap in heat – hence the greenhouse effect. 

What are the different types of renewable energy sources?

renewable energy bio gas plant

Renewable energies come in many different shapes and forms. Different sources of renewable energy are found all over the world and can be harnessed in different ways. Here are some of the most common and useful renewable energies being used today:

  • Solar power
  • Wind power 
  • Hydropower 
  • Geothermal energy 
  • Biomass energy 
  • Tidal energy

Why is renewable energy important?

Renewable energy is important for several fundamental reasons that affect the quality and longevity of life on earth. Here’s what we mean by that:

1. Renewable energy can help fight climate change

Electricity generation is the main contributor to climate change. The UN estimates that 60% of all greenhouse gasses are produced by our energy needs, which is driving up global temperatures and having devastating effects on the environment. 

Renewable energy presents an obvious solution to this problem. With minimal greenhouse gas emissions or carbon footprint, clean energy is the way forward in reducing greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and transitioning to a more sustainable energy system.

2. Renewable energy is better for our health

Burning fossil fuels doesn’t just affect the environment and accelerate global warming. It also affects our health and well-being. According to the World Health Organisation,  4 million people die from household air pollution attributed to burning fossil and solid fuels. Outdoor air pollution has also been linked with an increased risk of multiple cancers, and other diseases. Renewable energy bypasses all these risks by providing clean and affordable energy to those who stand to benefit most.

3. Renewable energy is affordable and low cost 

It’s true. Although fossil fuels account for a majority of the energy supply globally, renewable energy is actually cheaper in many parts of the world. According to experts, two-thirds of wind and solar plants built globally in 2020 will generate cheaper electricity than the world’s cheapest and newest coal plants. That’s encouraging news for the green energy sector – but it’s not a surprise because renewable energy is, after all, in huge supply. And as solar and wind projects continue to gain momentum across Australia and other parts of the world, energy costs are set to fall for all end-users. 

4. Renewable energy is reliable

Renewable energy resources can be counted upon to deliver. Despite myths that renewable energy sources can only be used when it’s ‘windy’ or ‘sunny’, clean energy sources like solar and wind energy are actually capable of delivering stable and uninterrupted energy supply to millions of users. Thanks to recent developments in battery technology and energy-storing facilities, we can now store vast amounts of energy over time.

5. Renewable energy is creating millions of jobs worldwide 

The number of jobs linked to the renewable energy market is set to skyrocket, with record numbers of jobs opening up across Australia and elsewhere. It’s estimated that employment in the renewables sector in Australia soared 27% between 2018-2019, with most of this growth occurring in the solar energy market. That represents huge opportunities for investors and smaller-scale contractors alike. 

The renewable energy industry is growing. Fast. 

solar renewable energy

The renewable energy industry is an exciting place to be. Partly because of the opportunities it presents for all actors involved. From the suppliers, contractors, energy companies, and end-users, the benefits are there to be taken. 

With an enviable climate and plenty of sunshine all year round, Western Australia is experiencing massive growth in large solar projects, and like many contractors that work with us here at Vermeer WA & NT, you can put your trust in us to find the equipment you need to get the job done.

How to support and benefit from the renewable energy market 

renewable solar energy

For everyone involved, renewable energies are a win-win. So what is the best way to support the green energy industry and how can contractors cash in on this growing market?

The first step is to find a reliable renewable energy partner who can back you up with the right equipment you need to become more competitive in the market.

Vermeer WA & NT: your renewable energy partner 

solar-installation equipment supplier

For contractors looking to crack the renewables market, you need a reliable partner in the game. 

Here at Vermeer WA & NT, we have decades of experience supplying contractors engaged in large solar farm construction. With the likes of the Vermeer PD10, and other tried and tested solar installation equipment, we stand ready to support you in delivering renewable energy projects. 

To get a quote, or start a conversation about how we can support your plans, give our qualified sales team a call today.

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