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Excavation works where underground utilities may be impacted such as water pipes, gas lines, waste management pipeworks or electrical or fiber optic cables require an extra level of care and accuracy.  

As infrastructure ages, underground utilities require repair or replacement, and governing bodies (both government and private sector) seek out contractors to help complete works whilst minimizing impacts to surroundings.

Without the right equipment, this process can be time-consuming, costly, and cause unwanted damage, which is where choosing a Vacuum excavator can help you to be more efficient and effective on-site.

Not familiar with vacuum excavators?   Read on


What is a Vacuum Excavator used for?


This depends on the scope of works, and the volume of dirt.   They use a non-destructive digging (or NDD) process, and can be utilised in the following industries:


The  VX25-100 utility service locating features help to offer visual verification of utility placement, making it a great on-site partner to any horizontal directional drilling equipment being used.

Designed for cleanup around utilities including telco and valve box cleanouts, this is a vacuum excavator designed small enough to manage tight job sites, and large enough to handle loaded vacuum volumes that won’t roll.

How is it used to assist with utility location?


Visual verification technology helps operators know where about underground utilities are located.  This is a great advantage as it takes the guesswork out of knowing where to stop and start that comes with traditional excavation practices.

Once utilities are located, operators have the ability to adjust water pressure and control water blasting.  This means that damage can be minimized and site clean up times are maximized.

The capabilities of vacuum excavators such as the VX25-100 mean that clear access to underground utilities can be achieved with precision water blasting, and suction pressure for the clean up of the surrounding dirt and debris can be managed.

The combination of these two features means that backfilling on sites can be minimised, saving you time and money on your project.

This means that whether you are doing residential works or larger commercial projects, a vacuum excavator can help you to be more efficient and effective on-site.

How do they differ from a normal excavator?


Normal excavation works completed with equipment such as large excavators, backhoes, bobcats, or handheld mattocks are not as agile as a vacuum excavator.   If they are being deployed close to underground infrastructure and utilities, there is a higher risk of damage, as their digging process is much more destructive.

Vacuum excavation is classified as NDD, thanks to the utilisation of water blasting to break up dirt and debris, whilst also using suction methods to extract the waste.

Normal excavators come in a range of sizes, what about vacuum excavators?


Vermeer’s range of vacuum excavators means that you can find one to suit your project’s needs.

For example, if you are involved in upgrading or maintaining utility infrastructure in built-up suburban areas, you may seek out a vacuum excavator that is small enough to fin in the trailer of your utility vehicle,

If you are dealing with more heavy-duty and larger excavation projects, you may want to seek out a truck-mounted vacuum excavator.

How can a vacuum excavator help my business?


Aside from the on-site production efficiencies mentioned (minimizing damage, maximizing clean up times), you may want to explore new income streams and opportunities as the demand for trenchless expertise is in greater demand.

Operators who can deliver a  big impact with a small footprint on the surrounding environment can gain the edge as existing civil works need upgrading, NBN rollouts happen to new suburban housing estates, and telco infrastructure needs cleaning and maintaining.

Vacuum excavators can make a great alternative to traditional machinery, thanks to their technology, size, and capacity to remove dirt in a piece of equipment.

With environmental impact being an important consideration, you can safely choose a vacuum excavator that meets your needs and also the regulatory requirements of governing bodies who are wanting to minimize damage and disruption to surroundings on a job site.

Is the technology easy to use?


Vermeer prides itself on staying up to date with technology in the NDD space and ensuring that our customers are supported with their equipment purchases.

As part of our service, we offer full training and support on all aspects of our machinery, including vacuum excavators.

If you are interested in understanding more about how a vacuum excavator can help you to gain a competitive advantage by being more efficient and effective on job sites, feel free to contact the team,

We are happy to give you an in-depth overview of the VX25-100 and its utility service locating features, as well as discuss other equipment in our range.

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