The renewable energy market is one of the fastest-growing sectors globally. The industry is poised to grow 50% over the next 3 years, and if conservative predictions are right, we are witnessing a major and irreversible shift towards green energy sources across the board. 

For solar electrical contractors, and renewable energy equipment suppliers, this presents enormous opportunities.

And off the back of such growth, comes the need for reliable partners in the game. 

Here’s how Vermeer WA & NT can assist in this growing market. 

New focus. Big plans. 

At Vermeer WA & NT, we recognise and respond to industry change and development. 

With a finger on the pulse of current trends in the green electricity market, our focus is squarely on providing a comprehensive lineup of high-quality large-scale solar and wind farm installation equipment. 

With Western Australia fast becoming a hub for green energy innovation, and huge growth expected for the rest of the country, we stand ready to support local and national contractors in meeting ever-changing needs within these expanding markets.

vermeer - renewable energy equipment

Quality equipment to match the fast-growing industry 

In any fast-growing industry comes the challenge of ensuring you’re able to meet deadlines efficiently. That means commanding machinery and installation solutions you can trust and rely on. 

As industry leaders in medium to large-scale installations, Vermeer WA & NT’s sustainable energy solutions are quality assured, tested, and meet strict environmental standards and regulations.

Our unique range of installation equipment is ready for deployment across a range of green energy projects, from solar energy systems, wind energy, and biofuel to name a few.

Vermeer Pile Drivers

Vermeer strives to meet the growing demand for renewable energy equipment suppliers in the expanding solar energy market. 

For large-scale solar energy system installations, the Vermeer Pile Driver offers an intuitive and powerful solution. With integrated controls offering superior machine handling and pinpoint accuracy, the Vermeer PD range boasts versatility and dependability every step of the way. From easy site access to manoeuvrability and teardown – there’s no job too big for this unit. 

For more information about our range of solar pile driver equipment, get in contact with the sales team here at Vermeer WA & NT.

Vacuum excavators

Minimising environmental impact is not only about reducing emissions and on-the-job efficiency, it’s also about protecting the surrounding environment – whether that’s on the job-site, or in between projects.

For underground installations that require a non-destructive digging approach, Vermeer’s Vacuum excavators are the perfect solution for contractors engaged in excavation and solar power installation projects of all sizes. 

With targeted, precision excavation tools, Vermeer’s range of vacuum excavators is designed to take the guesswork out of larger underground installation projects. Our various models can be installed with minimal waste, higher efficiency, and lower costs – making your job faster and easier. 

Open trench solutions 

With ever-larger green energy projects being planned here in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, the need to tackle difficult installation projects is ballooning and open cut trenching is an integral part of this process. 

Solar panels and wind turbines are often installed in remote, difficult terrain, where the efficacy, power, and accuracy of the machinery you use is everything.

Vermeer’s quality open trenching equipment is designed to cut through the harshest of ground conditions, making for faster installs and higher productivity.

Horizontal directional drilling equipment 

Connecting solar systems, wind power farms, and energy storage systems to the grid, and ensuring the site’s smooth operation requires targeted solutions applicable in a vast array of unique Australian landscapes and soil types. 

The ability to drill underground safely and deliver on complex electrical installation projects is in increasing demand. Vermeer’s range of quality horizontal directional drilling equipment is designed with a wide application of small and large-diameter bores fit for difficult soil conditions.

Install faster and greener

At Vermeer WA & NT, our network of renewable energy equipment suppliers, contractors, and clients benefit from the highest industry standard. 

With investment in green energy technologies, solar energy equipment, and other alternative power generation sources, we are committed to delivering durable, powerful, and consistent results both on and off the job site.

Vermeer WA & NT is no stranger to supplying emerging and expanding industries, and hence our team understands the unique challenges faced by all stakeholders from suppliers to contractors. With our trusted reputation and 2 decades worth of industry experience, you can have confidence in the Vermeer model – no matter what or where your project is.

Experience the Vermeer Advantage

Promoting the growth of new technologies within the renewable energy industry is at the core of our focus, as is supporting contractors and partners from start to finish. With a wide dealer network, specialised training, and a committed support team, you can trust the Vermeer WA & NT team to maximise your productivity from initial contact to ongoing on-site support and fleet management. 

Upgrade your solar, wind, and green energy capabilities today: get in contact with our experienced sales team. 

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