During difficult times it’s hard to plan long term let alone make commitments in the short term. Here at Vermeer WA & NT, we’re making life easy for you with the option of rent to buy equipment.

We understand it’s the individual jobs that dictate your day-to-day equipment needs. The workflow may change with every season, perhaps every month. Knowing what your equipment needs are in 6 months is often unpredictable.

Here’s how we solve these issues using our rent to buy equipment in Australia.

PD10 Solar Pile Driver

Skip upfront payments

In a world of uncertainty, the best thing you can hope for is flexibility.

In our commercial equipment rent to buy scheme, we make sure contractors and small businesses hold the reins – all the way. Slowly pay down the final purchase price through regular rental payments as per the rental agreement.

Benefit from paying less upfront at the start – while also taking advantage of a lower final buyout price if you decide you want to own the machinery at the end of the rental period.

Pay down equipment while on the job

Invest in your long term productivity while building the capacity of your business with every day on the job. At Vermeer WA & NT it’s about ensuring you get the tools you need today while boosting up your capability tomorrow. Our rent to buy equipment offers are backed up by the best after-sales support and warranties in Australia. Feel confident moving forward with complete control and flexibility.

VX70-1200 Vacuum Excavator Trucks

Test the latest Vermeer equipment

There’s nothing like getting a feel for heavy equipment before you invest long term.

Our rent to buy machinery Australia schemes allow you to get hands-on experience completing projects with new equipment while you’re paying it off. You’ll get access to the latest construction equipment and any additional equipment necessary from Vermeer’s suite of durable and quality rent to buy machinery in Australia.

That’s a unique opportunity to gauge earning potential and develop best practices come the time to purchase outright. That way you’re able to make a more informed decision down the line.

Reduce your financing costs

Rent to buy equipment at Vermeer WA & NT means access to some of the most attractive financing options – that take into account your situation, workload and timeline. Paying off the final cost of your equipment gives you financial stability both in the short, medium and long term.

VX25-100 Vacuum Trailer

Get on board today

Whether you’re a contractor, startup or established firm and you’ve been in business for 12 months or more and you’re clean on credit, we’re here to support your business through difficult times and make sure you have the right tools to expand. With our rent to buy offer, you can track your earning possibilities without the hassle of commitment.

If you’re ready to explore our equipment rental and rent to buy options, simply give us a call and speak with one of our qualified sales reps – we are standing by to assist.