Trenchless HDD Equipment

Utility HDD Installation - HDD Drilling | HDD Trenchless | HDD Boring Contractors

Vermeer has been a market leader and innovator in the horizontal directional drilling industry for more than 20 years. Our utility HDD rigs are the best choice for trenchless installation of fibre, conduit, gas, power, etc. The soaring need for infrastructure development and utility installations, that include HDD drilling, HDD trenchless and HDD boring, is driving the world underground where Vermeer can be found at the forefront of the HDD market.
Vacuum Excavators - Civil & Mining

 Civil & Mining Vacuum Excavators & Civil Equipment Supplier

Vermeer offers a diverse range of specialist Construction/Civil equipment that helps build and maintain Australia's infrastructure. Roads, tunnels, water, or gas, we've been on the job here for over 30 years.
Renewable Energy
Whether it's helping to extract and process the earth's natural resources or helping harness renewable energy sources, Vermeer has the solutions and support that Australia's mining and energy contractors need to deliver on time.
Mining, Energy & Civil Equipment

Hire Surface Mining Equipment & Mining Equipment Suppliers in  WA & NT

Whether it's helping to extract and process the earth's natural resources or helping harness renewable energy sources, Vermeer has the solutions and support that Australia's mining and energy contractors need to deliver on time.
Tree Care Equipment Supplier
Vermeer WA & NT bring the power, accuracy, and ease back into what is often tough work. Our range of quality tree care equipment is designed to increase operator comfort while delivering on power and durability.  Whether you’re grinding, chipping, or moving, Vermeer WA & NT’s state of the art range of tree care equipment is the professional arborist’s go to for quality, versatility, and efficiency.
Landscaping Equipment

Landscaping Equipment Suppliers in WA and NT

Vermeer offers a range of productivity solutions for landscapers, fencers, property maintenance contractors, and more. Compact yet powerful, and designed with ease-of-use in mind, we can help take the backache out of your day and help you get the job done faster.
Forestry & Recycling Equipment

Forestry Equipment & Recycling Equipment Supplier in Australia

  As Australia moves towards more sustainable waste management practices and the utilisation of organics increases, Vermeer's suite of Organic Recycling & Forestry products provide those leading the way with the most productive and best-supported equipment available.
After Sales Support
When you get the highest quality Environmental, Construction and Surface Mining Equipment available, you also deserve genuine quality parts, service and support.
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VERMEER WA & NT | Industrial Machinery Suppliers


Operating since 1993, Vermeer WA & NT is the name contractors turn to for quality industrial equipment. We specialize in a broad range of industries, from tree care equipment, including stump grinders, wood chippers, Vacuum Trucks, and arborist equipment, to horizontal directional drilling and HDD tooling for underground utility, fiber-optic network, Vacuum Excavators, and pipeline installation. Also offering an extensive range of forestry machinery, organic recycling, surface mining, and excavation equipment, open-cut utility trenching and pipeline construction trenchers, and mini skid steers, Vermeer WA & NT has the equipment to get the job done.

Founded in the USA in 1948, Vermeer has grown into a renowned international organization with over 150 dealerships worldwide. Our equipment is not only innovative and constructed to perform in tough environments, but is designed to deliver long-term value. All our machinery is also backed by exceptional service and certified genuine Vermeer parts.

Vermeer WA & NT specialises in a range of machinery to suit a variety of landscaping, construction, cleanup, drilling, and recycling needs. From cleaning up after natural disasters to shaping the perfect hedge, Vermeer goes beyond normal machinery suppliers, offering a full suite of after-sales care, premium warranty, and comprehensive maintenance options. With unparalleled quality across a range of machinery, Vermeer equipment is tried and tested. 

For Contractors

With a diverse range of construction equipment, Vermeer delivers quality to the most difficult and complex projects. From vacuum excavators to whole tree chippers, nothing gets in the way of tried and tested Vermeer machinery. Get the job done quicker with Vermeer’s innovative technologies working to ensure a seamless and efficient process. With machinery design completely focused on usability, efficiency, and productivity, you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your equipment. 


For Arborists

For tree specialists, Vermeer offers a range of quality tree-care equipment that works with both precision and efficiency that the job demands. From wood chippers to stump removal technology, Vermeer has a proven performance advantage and will deliver excellent results no matter the task. 


For Local Councils

Civil construction equipment, drilling, and clearing, you name it Vermeer has a solution for council projects no matter the size. With the growing demand for sustainable living practices, organic waste and recycling are both on many local council’s agenda. Having the right tools for recycling and composting can make these processes more effective and efficient, delivering results for the entire community. 


For Landscapers

With a wide range of landscaping machinery, Vermeer caters to the growing demand for landscaping equipment across Perth and Darwin’s expanding metro areas. A fleet of mini trenchers, excavators, and track driven mini skid steers are at the ready to deliver efficient results on any project. Whether you’re renting privately or working as a landscape contractor, Vermeer WA & NT have you covered for all machinery needs, large and small. 


Underground Expertise

Vermeer is at the forefront of underground and horizontal directional drilling (HDD). With the technical ability and expertise, the increasing demand for HDD in inner-city developments, and other complex infrastructure projects, Vermeer has the machinery needed to get the job done right. For surface and mining equipment, Vermeer offers a range of premium surface miners, pipeline directional drills, and other key equipment to support every project effectively. No matter the project size, Vermeer will cater to your specific mining or drilling needs.  


Vermeer Quality of Service

Vermeer WA & NT is proud to offer excellent customer service and ongoing support before, during, and after purchase. Having high-quality service and an after-sales support system eases stress when on the job, and with highly effective maintenance and warranty schemes, you can be sure that the equipment will last longer and deliver better results down the track. 

Vermeer’s quality reputation in the construction and machinery industry is both widespread and unparalleled. Machinery suppliers such as Vermeer WA & NT are both trusted and efficient in getting the job done.

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