Vermeer BC1200XL Wood Chipper (International)

When there’s tough brush clearing work to do, you can count on a Vermeer BC1200XL Wood Chipper to handle it. With an intuitive safer design and a more efficient feed system you can chip faster, and with more confidence on the job.

Rugged and powerful

Available with a Cummins diesel engine, the Vermeer BC1200xl wood chipper is rugged, powerful, and offers innovative features designed for safety and performance.

Featuring a powerful 110 horsepower (82 kW) drive high-speed cutter drum can tear through material up to 12″ (30.5 cm) in diameter, its patented productivity enhancements help make the job easy.

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Features & Benefits
Product Attachments
  • 7000 lb (3175.1 kg) capacity axle: Machine weight-to-axle capacity ratio is low. This improves towing performance and reliability of the axle.
  • Bottom Feed Stop Bar: Helps to increase operator safety while feeding material.
  • Clutchless PTO: Premature wear to the belt-drive system is reduced by preventing high idle engagement of the cutter drum.
  • Convenient operator controls: Controls are close to the work area at the infeed of the chipper.
  • Crush power adjustment: Allows the operator the flexibility to adjust hydraulic flow between the lower feed roller and crush power when the control lever is stroked.