Vermeer BC1200XL Wood Chipper (International)

When there’s tough brush-clearing work to do, you can count on a Vermeer BC1200XL Wood Chipper to handle it. Available with a Cummins diesel engine, the BC1200XL is rugged, powerful, and offers innovative features designed for safety and performance. Not only does the BC1200XL tear through material up to 12″ (30.5 cm) in diameter, its patented productivity enhancements help make the job easy.

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Features & Benefits
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  • 7000 lb (3175.1 kg) capacity axle: Machine weight-to-axle capacity ratio is low. This improves towing performance and reliability of the axle.
  • Bottom Feed Stop Bar: Helps to increase operator safety while feeding material.
  • Clutchless PTO: Premature wear to the belt-drive system is reduced by preventing high idle engagement of the cutter drum.
  • Convenient operator controls: Controls are close to the work area at the infeed of the chipper.
  • Crush power adjustment: Allows the operator the flexibility to adjust hydraulic flow between the lower feed roller and crush power when the control lever is stroked.