Vermeer is a familiar name in horizontal directional drilling. Their compact, versatile machines have a serious competitive edge when comparing size to performance.

We are excited to be the WA and NT suppliers of Vermeer’s newest midsize HDD rig, the dual-rod D40x55DR S3 Navigator.

Smaller and less weighty than the previous model and with 10% more rotational torque at the drill, the new Navigator handles everything from pilot to pull back so you get the job done quicker and easier.


What’s the big deal?

The new Vermeer D40x55DR S3 Navigator has a whole host of competitive advantages. Not only does the dual-rod design increase job productivity, but versatile tooling also handles any terrain easily.


Compared to previous models the time and steps required to add or remove rods is significantly reduced. This is thanks to an enhanced dual-rod design: the inner rod provides the force to the drill bit while the outer rod offers steering capability and rotational torque for reaming.

Tooling versatility

Powerful downhole cutting action and the flexibility to switch between tooling with common CAN controls to match ground conditions mean you only need one machine for the whole job.

S3 auto in-zone carving

The intelligent Vermeer automated carving system saves time by eliminating manual steering. Combined with the dual-rod design and versatile tooling, the S3 carves a path through any ground quicker and easier on a 51.5m arc radius.

A smaller unit, bigger output

Driven by a 140 hp engine, the dual-rod Navigator boasts 40,000 lb (177.9 kN) of thrust and pullback and 5500 ft-lb (7457 Nm) of rotational torque – 10% more than the D36 model.

Road, river, or rail

With versatile tooling to drill through the hardest rock through to loamy sand and clay, you always have the right machine for the job. Plus, the hollow inner rod is air-hammer ready when conventional drilling just won’t cut it.

More onboard rod

The D40x55DR S3 Navigator carries a huge 152m of rod, meaning you save time by switching out rod boxes less frequently. Compared to the nearest competitor at 109m, that’s almost 40% extra onboard capacity allowing you to lay more linear feet every day.

Competitive edge in any industry

Vermeer midsize HDD rigs go just about anywhere. Because they are smaller and less weighty than other directional bores they can be used in urban environments or transported to the most isolated job sites. The D40x55DR S3 Navigator will save time on all kinds of jobs:

  • Suburban utilities installation
  • Inner-city directional boring
  • Mining camp utility installation
  • Mine site pipeline drilling
  • Gas pipeline projects
  • Regional and remote community services

Operator safety and comfort

A climate-controlled cab and Vermeer’s signature comfort keeps the operator protected from the elements. Reduced noise levels of 80dB at the ears also keep the driver safe from ear damage while they work.

Vermeer WA & NT helping you get the job done

Vermeer has always been known for giving HDD operators a competitive edge. With a size-to-performance ratio that can’t be beaten and a huge range of features for productivity, the D40x55DR S3 Navigator delivers on the expectation of excellence.

But don’t just take our word for it. To find out how this machine can help deliver your next project, contact Vermeer WA & NT.

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