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Arbor Gear / Arbor Equipment

Vermeer’s commitment to providing high-quality arbor equipment and tree climbing gear has shaped a strong working relationship with climbers, professional arborists, and conservationists for many years. Catering to market demand for high-quality arbor equipment means sourcing and delivering the best there is. Here’s an overview of our arbor equipment and where it’s from.

The best equipment straight from the source

Our trusted suppliers SherrillTree operate out of their birth town Greensboro, North Carolina. They’ve been in the business for over 50 years (since 1960) and they’re all about connecting tree enthusiasts with top quality arbor equipment. Primarily, they provide arboricultural products to the tree care profession but SherrillTree also connects quite frequently with other tree-climbing enthusiasts including educators, scientists, and recreational climbers.

Commitment where it counts

Commitment to quality is the goal and SherrillTree’s staff is made up of professionals who strive to serve both trees and customers with the right solutions for health, safety, and long-term growth. Their employees are dedicated to providing the innovative tools that the tree care industry needs and are obsessed with providing the best tools and knowledge to move the trade forward. Dedication to product development, onsite testing, rope-splicing technologies, and customer service is what will always remain the key to SherrillTree’s premier reputation in the tree caring industries. At Vermeer, we not only respect these values but aim to cultivate this dedication at home in Australia. 

Quality solutions to a range of tree care tasks

Vermeer WA & NT has access to valuable resources on tree climbing and arboricultural activities applicable in both forestry and conservation-based industries. From providing expert training and support, you can be sure that you and your team are both prepared and safe on the job. 

Our premium range

Vermeer WA & NT offers a complete range of SherrillTree arbor equipment and is available on our web-store. Our arboriculture and arborist equipment includes all the necessities for amateur, experienced, and professional tree climbers, including:

  • – climbing harnesses
  • – tree-climbing ropes 
  • – rigging
  • – throwlines
  • – weights
  • – carabiners
  • – micrograms
  • – helmets


For more information on our stock and delivery options reach out to the Vermeer sales team. 

Ultimate safety and security

For tree climbers and forestry experts – we prioritise the safety and security of our products where it matters most – during climbs and under pressure. When you break in new arbor equipment – you’ll want to know it has been run through a rigorous safety and testing phase. When you invest with Vermeer WA & NT, we ensure all climbing equipment is safe and ready to use. 

Upgrade your arbor equipment

Whether you’re expanding your equipment range, or replacing old and worn out harnesses and ropes – ensure you’re getting the best deal on your new arbor equipment. Get in contact with our sales team at Vermeer WA & NT today and secure your next climb with us.

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