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Vermeer wood chippers stand out in the industry due to their intelligent features and potent capabilities, combining state-of-the-art technology with high performance. One of the smart features of Vermeer wood chippers is the SmartFeed system, a patented feed-sensing control system. It monitors engine rpm and automatically stops or reverses the rollers when feeding larger, hardwood material, enhancing productivity and reducing the likelihood of jams. Another intelligent feature found in some models is the EcoIdle™ engine control system. This system can automatically reduce engine speed to conserve fuel after a defined period of inactivity, making these wood chippers not only powerful but also fuel-efficient.


BC1000XL Wood Chipper

  • Weight: 2265.7 kg
  • Power: 36.5 kW
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BC1200XL Wood Chipper/Brush Chipper

  • Weight: 2576.4 kg
  • Power: 100.7 kw
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BC1500 Wood Chipper

  • Weight: 3538 kg
  • Power: 97 kW
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BC1800XL T3 Wood Chipper

  • Weight: 3964.4 kg
  • Power: 127 kW
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Things you can put in a wood chipper

Small branches

Around your yard, especially after a good day of pruning, there will no doubt be a lot of small branches and sticks. These are all perfectly fine to be put into the tree wood chipper. The machine will barely notice them and they’ll be chipped up extremely quickly, so just be mindful of your hands when you do this. 

Tree limbs

Tree limbs and large branches will be perfectly fine for a wood chipper, so long as they fall within the diameter specs in the user manual. That’s how they’re designed to do after all. 

If you do have larger pieces of wood that don’t fit into the chipper, cut them up into smaller pieces with a chainsaw, and split them in half with an axe. Remember to turn the wood chipper off whilst not in use.  

Small shrubs

Small shrubs, so long as they’ve been broken down to a reasonable size will be no hassle for a wood chipper. Much like the small branches, they may be grabbed quickly, so just keep your fingers clear. 

Wet wood

For wet wood, it comes with a caveat. Some lower-powered electric wood chippers cannot be fed wet wood, as the wood can stretch and bend and block up the chipper blades. For the most part, a wood chipper with a reasonable amount of horsepower is going to be fine with it. If you’re unsure, either consult the manual or talk with us at Vermeer about the equipment’s specifics, and we can guide you in the right direction.

Things you can’t put in a wood chipper


A small number of leaves will be fine. If they’re attached to a branch, and not in large amounts, then they’ll go through the chipper without any issue. But if you’re specifically trying to feed the machine solely leaves, it’s best to get a chipper with a shredding feature, or just a shredder. Shredders are better for leaves and won’t blunten or damage the equipment.


Pretty much the same as the leaves, you’ll need a shredder for grass clippings. Grass also holds a lot of liquid and can quickly block up and even break a wood chipper. 


You may have wondered whether you can put bamboo in a tree wood chipper, and unfortunately, you cannot. Bamboo is an extremely tough fibrous material that warps, splinters, and blocks up the chipper’s teeth. If you need to dispose of bamboo, do so in a green waste disposal bin.


Timber and lumber are especially bad for a wood chipper. It may sound odd, wood chippers should chip wood, but there are reasons. Pressure-treated lumber is so hard that the chipper blades will probably just break and jam with the first piece you put in. On top of that, not only is timber too dense, but treated timbers contain chemicals that are toxic to you and your plants. If you’re intending to use the chippings as a kind of mulch it will become toxic. 


Coconut shells tend to just explode into a million pieces when placed into a chipper. Flying projectiles are common with wood chippers, especially with coconut shells. On top of being a safety hazard, coconut can damage the chipper, so best not throw any into it. 

Why Vermeer wood chippers?

When it comes to wood chipping equipment, Vermeer wood chippers stand out as a top choice due to their innovative features, power, and focus on operator safety. Vermeer’s wood chippers are engineered with innovative systems like the SmartFeed and EcoIdle™ which not only increase productivity but also make the job easier, faster, and more cost-effective.

Moreover, the design and build of Vermeer wood chippers focus on reducing maintenance costs, meaning your machine will stay on the job longer with less downtime. Finally, our team’s excellent after-sale service ensures each customer gets the support they need to keep their commercial wood chippers in pristine condition for years to come.


What makes Vermeer wood chippers unique?

Vermeer wood chippers come with exclusive features like the patented SmartFeed system, which enhances productivity by managing the feed of wood to prevent jams, and the EcoIdle™ engine control system, which conserves fuel by reducing engine speed during periods of inactivity.

What safety features do Vermeer wood chippers have?

Vermeer wood chippers prioritise operator safety. They are equipped with safety features, such as bottom feed stop bars, to protect operators from potential hazards and provide a safer working environment.

What types of materials can a Vermeer wood chipper handle?

Vermeer tree wood chippers can handle a wide range of wood materials, including small branches, tree limbs, and large tree trunks, depending on the specific model of the chipper.

Are Vermeer wood chippers easy to maintain?

Vermeer designs its wood chippers with ease of maintenance in mind. The machines offer easy access to common maintenance areas, and the use of high-quality components ensures long-lasting performance and reduced downtime.

What type of support does Vermeer offer after purchase?

Vermeer WA & NT offers excellent after-sale service, which includes access to a comprehensive parts department and skilled service technicians. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the support needed to keep your machine running at its best.
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