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Fast, accurate, and powerful. The Vermeer PD5 Pile Driver is your solution for microgrid solar installers and medium size Large-scale solar (LSS) projects. With smooth transportation, operation, and teardown, this PD5 Pile Driver sets the standard with industry-leading efficiency, sustainability, and affordability. 

Get to the point with machine integrated controls

Stay in complete control with integrated controls or an easy walk-beside control system that allows you to install with ease and confidence. With conveniently located operator controls, and a world-class function wireless remote control, this Pile Driver is engineered with intuitive operation at its core. With superior agility and near-telepathic accuracy, expect your project to be completed on time and completely hassle-free. 

With an optional laser receiver and third-party GPS location finding system – the PD5 improves operating accuracy and eliminates human error in more complex jobs. 

Take the PD5 everywhere 

The PD5 weighs 4.7 tonnes. Compared to other pile drivers in its class, that’s as light as it gets. Manoeuvring this compact lightweight machine in and out of complex and congested job sites is easier than ever before, while damage to the job site is minimised.

But that’s not all. The PD5’s light transportation weights mean you can load up two separate machines on a single trailer for larger jobs. You can also leave the mast fully assembled even while being transported – making it easier to get to the next job.

Versatility where it counts

The Vermeer PD5 has essentially the same functions as its larger brother: PD10. But the PD5 is geared towards smaller installs, making it an ideal workhorse for the jobs that require extra attention due to uneven or dense ground. Rubber tracks and a zero degree rotating platform make for smooth handling over delicate ground surfaces, and minimising ground disturbance ideal for complex residential installs.

But being built small and versatile doesn’t come at the cost of hammer power or operational efficiency. With up to 1500 BPM, a high frequency 950 Joules hammer, and the ability to angle 10 degrees on either side of vertical, means any installation project is within reach.

  • On-machine control: Walk-beside, machine-integrated controls allow the operator to control machine functions, including engagement of hammer, pile placement and ground drive.
  • Dual joystick controls: Conveniently placed controls allow for intuitive operation and increased operator comfort.
  • Efficient ground drive: Operators can move from one pile to the next quickly and accurately. With precise control, operators can spend less time installing every pile.
  • Compact design: Setup and teardown are quick and convenient with a rotating platform and a mast that can stay fully assembled and stow parallel with the tracks, making it convenient for the entire crew to move to the next job.
  • Keep it light: The PD5 weighs in at 10,380 lb (4708 kg), which allows for transporting up to two pile drivers on select trailers, and less potential damage to jobsites, all while helping increase efficiency of setup and teardown with a lightweight design.

Ideal for solar installation projects

The PD5 has become a working symbol for the growing solar industry, where an efficient and laser-accurate way to ground mount solar piles is leading the industry forward as the technology develops and becomes more widely used. The PD5 has become indispensable, especially for smaller solar installation projects where efficient operation and ease of access to the specified pile install location are required.

For solar installation projects requiring multiple units to be installed in close quarters efficiently and accurately, this is your dependable solution.

Drive your business forward

Pile drivers are becoming increasingly sought after for small installs and solar projects. Get your business up to date with the equipment you need to grow. Vermeer WA & NT stock a range of premium industry-leading pile drivers, among them the highly capable PD5. Give our qualified team a call right now, or reach out online for a quote on the Vermeer PD5 pile driver today.

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