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HDD Mixing and Locators

As a leader in HDD mix systems and underground utility locating equipment, Vermeer WA & NT has a range of equipment to assist your business in delivering on faster bores, higher productivity, and ultimately a better bottom line. Here’s how we can help you deliver on your HDD front.

Advanced technologies with targeted solutions

Horizontal directional drilling mud mixing has taken on new relevance within the various drilling sectors and whether installing electrical, fibre, gas, or water, your drilling fluid mix system is critical in performing a successful bore. At Vermeer WA & NT, we take pride in offering leading drilling HDD Mixing and locating equipment including mixing system, tank(s) and cradle, power unit, roll guns, hoses, and centrifugal pump, and plumbing. Here’s how you can take your HDD mixing and locating up a level with Vermeer’s advanced technologies and targeted solutions.

Tools for accuracy – HDD locating

In challenging environments and compact soil types, having the right tools to locate, guide, and transmit accurately and without tripping out means faster drills and less room for costly mistakes. Vermeer’s HDD Guidance Systems are some of the best in the world, but when it comes to your work on the job-site, it’s that accuracy that saves you time and money.

Increased versatility – mixers for every drill

With a variety of tank capacities, our range of fluid mixing systems aims to provide increased versatility depending on the job, soil environment, and length of the bore. Modular design and slim profiles make our mixers more agile and better equipped to sit alongside drilling equipment on the trailer or in tight job-sites.

Longer run-times

With larger fuel tanks and increased pump flow efficiency mixers can operate with better efficiency and longer hours. With the option of dual tank setups, mixing more fluid on the job-site makes for higher productivity both before and during the bore. Get more from your HDD mixing and locating equipment by investing in the equipment that will last longer.

Better serviceability

With easy access to servicing points, draining and routine maintenance is both simple and efficient. The health of your machinery is the most important thing keeping your HDD mud mixing system and locating on track to deliver results per your schedule. Whether it’s a spot repair or routine maintenance, Vermeer WA & NT HDD mining equipment is designed to be easily serviced and kept in working order.

Vermeer guarantee and support for every drill

Ensuring proper training is a priority when there’s new equipment in tow. With a range of financing options available and a 1 year/1000 hour warranty and after-sales support up for grabs, your business can take advantage of support and training programs aimed at ensuring your HDD mining ventures are successful, no matter the complexity of the job.

Invest in Vermeer HDD mixing and locating equipment today – contact our sales team for expert advice on how you can improve your productivity underground.