D20x22 S3 Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD)

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Vermeer D20x22 S3 Horizontal Directional Drill

The next entrant in the S3 generation of drills – the D20x22 S3 – features more power, increased speed, versatility and precise control. The right-powered and right-priced D20x22 S3 offers significant gains in power and speed compared to both competitors and its predecessor – the D16x20 Series II.

By listening closely to the needs of contractors working in congested urban areas, our goal was to make the next S3 drill a perfect fit for your operation —  whether you’re installing cable, fibre or pipe.

With nearly 20,000 lb (89 kN) of thrust and pullback, and a Tier 4 Deutz engine that delivers a 12% increase in horsepower over its predecessor (D16x20 Series II), the D20x22 S3 is the next key addition to your fleet of drills.

  • A sizeable increase in horsepower offers more power for drilling as well as tracking and manoeuvring the drill around the jobsite.
  • This feature offers increased flexibility of the drill during operation.
  • Increased rotational speeds can help contractors install product faster and maximize efficiency on the jobsite.
  • The system features a digital display and improved onboard diagnostics. The system design uses less wiring and fuses for greater reliability. All S3 Navigator drills have a common control platform, benefitting drill operators with the ability to operate a variety of drills and lessening the time needed for training.
  • The improved hydraulics increase the system’s efficiency, allowing better use of engine horsepower and increasing the drill’s productivity.


Vermeer WA & NT

fuel-efficient engine

Vermeer WA & NT

300’ (91.4 m) of Firestick® drill rod

Vermeer WA & NT

Common CAN controls

Vermeer WA & NT

Efficient operator’s station

Vermeer WA & NT

Enhanced carriage speed

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