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One of the key infrastructure challenges Perth faces is providing services to our growing population. As our suburbs expand to take up a predicted 150-kilometre sprawl, more bushland is cleared to make way for housing which in turn creates demand for vegetation management, hazardous tree clearing around houses, power infrastructure and more. Keeping up with

The new Vermeer VX30-250 Vacuum Excavator has landed.   Vermeer’s newest trailer-mounted vacuum excavator, the VX30-250, has just rolled into the Vermeer WA & NT warehouse. Straight from the USA, the VX30-250 vacuum excavator is packed with features that make digging, excavation and utilities installation safer, more accurate and more efficient.   USA-made and more


Vermeer is a familiar name in horizontal directional drilling. Their compact, versatile machines have a serious competitive edge when comparing size to performance. We are excited to be the WA and NT suppliers of Vermeer’s newest midsize HDD rig, the dual-rod D40x55DR S3 Navigator. Smaller and less weighty than the previous model and with 10%


We live in an era where technological advancements are helping us to improve every facet of our lives. And also across industries such as manufacturing and construction. Did you know that the days of industrial digging are almost redundant? Non Destructive Digging (NDD) using the latest vacuum excavation techniques is rapidly replacing musclebound manual digging


As solar power becomes more prevalent across Australia, the construction of solar farms to facilitate renewable energy is on the rise. Constructing or maintaining a solar farm is becoming a quintessential part of the nation’s eco-friendly philosophy. Are you a solar installation company or contractor working towards your next renewable energy project and want to


Ranch-styled homes have simple floor plans with a wider outward appearance — without the depth that most present homes possess, There is a minimalistic, yet traditional, quality in overall look and it makes for a great palette.