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Designed with professional landscapers and tree care contractors in mind, Vermeer mini skid steers are light in weight and can fit into the tightest of places. With a wide variety of attachments available – and a universal mounting plate for quick hookup – these mini skid steers are ready to tackle your jobsite tasks.

The Vermeer mini skid steer lineup has an operating capacity range from 226.8 kg – 725.7 kg, and several industry-leading safety features help protect the operator. These highly productive mini skid steers manoeuvre easily around tough worksites and reduce workloads in the process.


CTX100 Mini Skid Steer

  • Weight: 1594.4 kg
  • Power: 29.8 kw
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CTX160 Mini Skid Steer

  • Weight: 1866.5 kg
  • Power: 29.8 kW
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CTX50 Mini Skid Steer

  • Weight: 952.5 kg
  • Power: 18.6 kW
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S450TX Mini Skid Steer

  • Weight: 1043.3 kg
  • Power: 18.2 kW
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On-Site Technician Guarantee in WA & NT


1,000 Hour Service Schedule


Large Stock of Spare Parts in WA & NT

Introducing the Vermeer Skid Steer

The Vermeer mini skid steer, also known as skid loaders, mini loaders or diggers, are high-performance and labor-saving, able to handle jobs across a wide range of industries. From landscape projects and tree care to fiber optics installations, Vermeer mini skid steers are highly maneuverable and lightweight enough to get around on most surfaces, making them extremely versatile.

The Vermeer mini skid steer doesn’t trade performance for size though and boasts a breakout force and lift capacity more commonly associated with larger skid steers.

Our skid steers are available in a range of configurations and are available in both wheel-driven and track-driven models, with varying horsepower. Vermeer WA & NT also has a wide range of skid steer attachments available for purchase to suit your specific industry needs.

Why Choose Vermeer?

Choosing Vermeer mini skid steer offers a combination of reliability, exceptional after-sales support, and availability of spare parts to ensure your jobsite never stops. Our machines come equipped with tracks – which are significantly more reliable than wheels – and some models come even with different engine options. This way you can choose a utility loader that fits your power needs.

At Vermeer WA & NT, we also offer excellent after sale services. These include maintenance, troubleshooting, and even travelling on your jobsite to fix your mini skid steer. Our dedicated support ensures issues are promptly and effectively resolved so you can keep operations running smoothly.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Finally, our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to the availability of genuine spare parts. This is essential for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your equipment while safeguarding your investment. It also means less waiting time for repairs and maintenance, further reducing potential downtime.


What makes Vermeer mini skid steer controls unique?

Vermeer mini skid steers are equipped with an ISO-pattern joystick, a standard in many construction equipment, allowing for quick familiarisation. They feature a left-hand joystick for movement and a right-hand joystick with additional levers for loader arm and hydraulic attachment control, enhancing efficiency for prolonged operation.

How do the auxiliary hydraulic controls work on Vermeer mini skid steer?

The auxiliary hydraulic controls have two levers: a high-flow lever for attachments requiring constant hydraulic flow (like trenchers and augers) and a low-flow lever for attachments that need flow during specific tasks (like grapple buckets). These levers are designed for easy operation and versatility in attachment use.

Is there a feature to control engine speed in Vermeer mini skid steers?

Yes, Vermeer mini skid steers include a throttle leveller to control engine speed. This feature allows operators to adjust the speed for different applications, providing better control and efficiency during operation.

What are the benefits of Vermeer mini skid steer’s platform design?

Vermeer mini skid steers feature a chariot-style ride-on platform with an integrated operator-presence system and padding on three sides. This design offers better visibility, stability, and comfort, especially when working on uneven terrain.

Do you offer any financing options for Vermeer mini skid steer?

Yes! At Vermeer WA & NT, we collaborate with DLL to offer a range of financing options. Our goal is to make acquiring Vermeer equipment financially accessible for businesses of every size.
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