D750x900 Navigator® Horizontal Directional Drill

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Ever found yourself planning a drilling job in unfamiliar ground conditions? Fully fitted with optimised characteristics for large diameter drilling, the D750x900 Navigator® horizontal directional drill is engineered for reliability, durable hydraulic circuit, and comfort for its operator. Founded in 1948 in the USA, Vermeer has branched out internationally and has been operating in Australia for over 20 years. Vermeer is the number one industrial equipment supplier that most contractors turn to for quality and reliable machinery.

Field Tested D750x900 HDD

The field-tested D750x900 Navigator® horizontal directional drill features a higher torque than other models to muscle through unfamiliar terrain and difficult ground formations. This perfect tool is designed to absorb the axial load caused by thrust and pullback and therefore reduces stress on the motor for a smoother run.

Operating with twin Caterpillar C-18 engines, the D750x900 Navigator® horizontal directional drill produces a maximum of 92,000 ft-lb (124,735.m Nm) of rotational torque and 750,000 lb (3,336.2 kN) of thrust and pullback.

Also featured is a floating vise, which helps to prevent road wrap or windup. This is truly beneficial as this lets the breakout system to clamp the full rod upsets during breakout of the lower and upper joints.


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At Vermeer, we design with our partners’ feedback in mind. If you’re investing for the first time for your business, thinking of renting specific industrial machinery or just looking to expand your fleet, take advantage of our 1year/1000 hours warranty package for your peace of mind.

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Vermeer WA & NT

fuel-efficient engine

Vermeer WA & NT

300’ (91.4 m) of Firestick® drill rod

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Common CAN controls

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Efficient operator’s station

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Enhanced carriage speed

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