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Vermeer T858III pipeline Trenchers

Pipeline Trenchers in WA & NT


Vermeer has the right trencher for a wide range of trenching jobs, including pipeline distribution, power, water, sewer, gas, power and underdrain installations, and other heavy-duty trenching tasks.

Time- and contractor-tested Vermeer trenchers have cut through some of the world’s toughest landscapes. Built hard-nosed to power through soft soils to abrasive rock, the Vermeer family of trenchers has been an asset on the pipeline for 50 years. Whether you’re cutting through hard rock or installing a cross-country pipeline, Vermeer has a pipeline trenching solution to meet your needs.

Our premium range of pipeline trenching equipment is designed to fulfil a range of industry needs from utilities, commercial landscaping, and heavy-duty treating jobs. Vermeer WA & NT’s range is built with Australia’s tough and varied geological conditions in mind and has become a key asset for many contractors across a range of industries. 


Balancing power with versatility 


When it comes to digging trenches, it isn’t just the horsepower that matters. We understand that power is never of any use if it can’t reach the job-site effectively and without causing too much disturbance to the surrounding environment. Included in our range of pipeline trenchers are perfectly balanced units that share big horsepower numbers with light tracks and compact profiles. 

Trenching without hindrance 


No matter the soil or surface you’re working with, Vermeer’s range of pipeline trenchers makes quick and easy work of a range of soils from sand to limestone and abrasive rocks. Hard-nosed and equipped with the latest cutting technologies, trenching has been made both faster and more goal orientated. No matter whether it’s a private utility project or a commercial pipeline, our range is designed to meet all needs.

Servicing landscaping to utilities 


Vermeer’s history on the pipelines goes back 50 years to when the technology first started appearing on job-sites in America and other parts of the world. Vermeer’s range now is highly diversified and a practical workhorse on a variety of different projects from professional landscaping, fence building, and laying pipeline for sewage, water, and other utility installation projects. 

Operator comforts 


Given the gruelling nature of the tasks involved with a long day of rural or industrial trenching, it’s no surprise that operator comfort is a high priority. Pipeline trenching is no easy task, and our range of trenchers are equipped with elevated ROPM cabins with air-conditioning and optional radios for added comfort.

Optional features 


Our range of pipeline trenchers is designed with your end goal in mind – a cost-effective operation with minimal outlying costs. Among the optional benefits is an intelligent split-cab design to reduce the width and eliminate the need for oversize trucking permits and soil drags to clean trench surfaces by delivering excess dirt into the ditch. Selected models also boast an optional auto-tilt track that can greatly improve working efficiency and can dig vertical trenches when working on difficult slopes. 


Quality support and service 


Vermeer WA & NT specialise in delivering a full warranty service. Choose between standard and the optional Vantage Track extended warranty, that includes a care programme to keep your investment fully operational over the long term. Out on the field, anything can happen. That’s why we recommend speaking to our team about regular servicing and maintenance options that will complement your working schedule. After-sales support is available for businesses that need the extra support on the ground after investing in our equipment. Reach out for a quote and move your business forward. 


Vermeer WA & NT

fuel-efficient engine

Vermeer WA & NT

300’ (91.4 m) of Firestick® drill rod

Vermeer WA & NT

Common CAN controls

Vermeer WA & NT

Efficient operator’s station

Vermeer WA & NT

Enhanced carriage speed

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