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Navigating challenging ground conditions and tough surfaces becomes a streamlined endeavour with a Vermeer rockwheel. Engineered to handle compacted soil, our rockwheels ensure continuous operation without undue interruptions. In addition, the machine’s precise engineering allows for clean straight-sided trenches that need no altering. Take a decisive step toward maximising productivity with the latest Vermeer trenchers and rockwheels.


RTX1250 i2 Ride-on Trencher

  • Weight: 7330 kg
  • Power: 95 kW
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RTX130 Walk Behind Trencher

  • Weight: 399.2 kg
  • Power: 9.7 kw
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RTX200 Walk Behind Trencher

  • Weight: 426.4 kg
  • Power: 15.3 kw
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RTX250 Walk Behind Trencher

  • Weight: 703.1 kg
  • Power: 18.6 kw
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On-Site Technician Guarantee in WA & NT


1,000 Hour Service Schedule


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Why Vermeer?

Vermeer is not just known for its robust equipment but also for its unwavering commitment to customer service. When you purchase from Vermeer, you’re investing in a partnership that prioritises your success. The comprehensive service provided by our local Vermeer dealer ensures that you’re never alone in your operational journey. From timely maintenance checks to immediate troubleshooting, our dedicated team is always ready to assist. Moreover, in the event of wear or unexpected breakdowns, you can trust in genuine Vermeer replacement parts to get your equipment up and running in no time.


What are Vermeer rockwheels best suited for?

Vermeer rockwheels are specialised cutting attachments designed to tackle tough ground conditions like compacted soil. They are a preferred choice for projects that require precision, such as utility installations, road construction, and excavation in urban settings where minimal disruption is essential.

How do Vermeer rockwheels compare to traditional excavation methods?

Traditional excavation methods can be time-consuming, particularly in hard terrains. Vermeer rockwheels, with their precise cutting capability, minimise site disruption, reduce backfill, and can lead to less cleanup. This precision and efficiency often result in faster project completion and cost savings.

Is training available for operating Vermeer rockwheels?

Safety and efficiency are paramount for Vermeer WA & NT. We provide training sessions, ensuring operators understand the equipment's functionalities, safety protocols, and best practices, leading to confident and competent handling of the machinery.

What kind of after-sales support can I expect with a Vermeer rockwheel purchase?

Vermeer WA & NT is committed to customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive service extends beyond the point of sale, with us offering extensive support ranging from routine maintenance, on-site repairs, to advice on best practices and troubleshooting.

Are there financing options available for Vermeer rockwheels?

Vermeer WA & NT understands the financial dynamics of large equipment purchases. In collaboration with our financing partners DLL, we provide flexible financing solutions tailored to meet our customers' needs.
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