VX70-1200 Vacuum Excavator Truck

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Vermeer VX70-1200 Vacuum Excavator Truck

Vermeer’s range of VX70Vacuum Trucks, including the flagship VX70-1200 Vacuum Truck, offers a multitude of unique features to assist operators across a wide variety of medium-volume excavation and spoil removal applications. The range includes  the VSK70-500, VSK70-800, and the VSK70-1200 units, which offer a variety of specifications to suit your individual needs.

  • Compact one-piece skid design.  The high quality one-piece skid can be easily mounted to a wide range of truck chassis— permanently, or via container-locks for greater versatility.
  • Dual tank shut-off system.  Reduces the risk of material entering the blower – in turn, adding greater longevity to your system.
  • Quieter operation.  Integrated silencing system for quieter operation on noise-sensitive job sites.
  • Dual oil bath – Roots blower.  Quality blower with dual oil bath lubrication for maximum longevity.  Optional Reverse Flow improves productivity with the ability to offload spoil faster and clear blockages quickly.
  • Optional hydraulic boom.  Exclusive optional telescoping boom maintains hose length during extension and incorporates a remote controlled hydraulic valve for vacuum shut off. Available with manual or hydraulic rotation.
  • In-tank washdown system.  Saves you clean-up time and makes it easier to remove difficult debris as it delivers a high-pressure water spray to the tank interior while simultaneously dumping material.
  • Cam-over hydraulic rear door.  Cam-Over auto-locking design provides a positive door seal, even under reverse pressure without additional clamping requirements.
  • Three-stage cyclonic filtration.  Superior filtration over a baghouse arrangement, and located at chest height for easy removal for cleaning if required.

Vacuum excavation – done right

Powered by a 67 hp (50 kW) Kubota Diesel engine, the VX70-1200 Vacuum Trucks is perfectly placed to take on any number of tasks from utility location, spoil removal, and excavation. With an empty weight starting from 2400 kg, the VX70-1200 Vacuum Trucks range is also relatively light – and can be deployed on more sensitive job sites without a hassle. 

Quiet, compact, and versatile

As the leaders in vac truck technology, you can be sure that your team is working with the most versatile solution on the market. Enjoy peace-of-mind with less disturbance on noise-sensitive job-sites with an integrated silencing system. The one-piece design also allows simple mountings to a range of truck chassis – with the option of permanent fixtures or temporary towing.

Bigger capacity, better productivity

When it comes to delivering results on the job site, the VX70-1200 Vacuum Truck has the proven ability to mobilise its large capacity to make headway on any demanding project. The VX70-1200 Vacuum Trucks range offers a wide range of spoil tank capacities from 1892.7 L, to 3028.3 L and 4542.5 L. With optional reverse flow, the VX70-1200 Vacuum Trucks can offload spoil faster and eliminate blockages more easily. 

Controlled, targeted impact 

Vermeer’s VX70-1200 Vacuum Truck is designed to deliver enormous capacity, and power with minimal, targeted impact. An optional telescoping boom allows operators to maintain hose length during maximum extension and comes with a remote hydraulic valve for vacuum shut off. 

Save time on cleanup and teardown 

Vermeer’s vacuum trucks and hydro excavators are equipped with a 3-Stage cyclonic filtration system which makes sure your system stays clean and fully operational  – whilst also lengthening your machine lifetime. The in-tank wash-down system also makes sure you’re never scraping the bottom of the barrel. A high-pressure water spray in the tank interior occurs simultaneously while dumping material – making your job at the end of the day easier with no debris left behind. 

Bring your capability forward with Vermeer WA & NT

Choosing the right equipment for the job and any possible optional extras will ensure you’re fully equipped to take on the tasks at hand. With a full range of VX70-1200 Vacuum Trucks on-site and ready to go, simply reach out to our experienced sales team who can speak to you about your needs. We’re also available to assist with your after purchase queries and even provide you with tailored support to effectively meet your goals. Give our team a call today on (08) 9479 4994

Vermeer WA & NT

fuel-efficient engine

Vermeer WA & NT

300’ (91.4 m) of Firestick® drill rod

Vermeer WA & NT

Common CAN controls

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Efficient operator’s station

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Enhanced carriage speed

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