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Utility Install

Utility HDD Installation | HDD Trenchless | HDD Boring Contractors

Vermeer has been a market leader and innovator in the horizontal directional drilling industry for more than 20 years. Our utility HDD rigs are the best choice for trenchless installation of fibre, conduit, gas, power, etc. The soaring need for infrastructure development and utility installation equipment, that include HDD drilling, HDD trenchless and HDD boring, is driving the world underground where Vermeer can be found at the forefront of the HDD market.

The rise of low-impact drilling and trenchless solutions 

As industrial centres grow, and as building sites become more complex, the demand for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is increasing. As the market leader, Vermeer WA & NT not only understands the complex nature of tasks carried out by excavation and drilling and boring crews, but we have designed the machinery that provides the most cost-effective solutions to these demands. Here’s an overview of our range of HDD drilling equipment

Horizontal directional drills (HDD)

Vermeer’s range of HDD drilling equipment opens up contractors to a variety of different units that can operate across a range of urban, compact, or larger commercial job sites. With lower footprints, and better accuracy, and increased flexibility during drilling, no task is beyond Vermeer’s range of HDD equipment. Not only does Vermeer boast class-leading cycle times, a variety of drill rod configurations and longer pipeline installations, complex utility jobs are managed with high tech-digital bore plans and on-site tracking devices.

Reclaimers and mixers 

Vermeer’s range of reclaimers and mixers helps you manage slurry and improve drilling operation efficiency by improving fluid volumes and allowing for specific customisation depending on the job. Not only do our range of mixers and reclaimers pair well with a broad range of HDD drilling equipment, but they also allow for easy transportation and quick set-up and tear-down procedures. Daily tasks such as filling and draining are also made easy with simple, accessible designs that are easily adjusted and configured to your job-site needs.

Underground utility locators and digital HDD guidance systems 

Having the right locating equipment is necessary when underground operations demand efficiency and less time spent in the pre-drilling phase. Get increased accuracy with more advanced frequencies and quicker readings that you can trust in any environment.  

Take advantage of Vermeer’s premium services 

Whether you’re investing for the first time, renting, or expanding your fleet – private contractors and companies alike should take advantage of Vermeer’s excellent after-sales support network and 1 year/1000 hour warranty packages. With Vermeer you get more than just good HDD drilling equipment and HDD boring equipment – get in touch with our sales team and get a quote today.