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Vermeer VX100 Mega Vacuum Excavator

Sitting at the top of our vacuum excavation range are the formidable VX100 Vacuum Trucks designed to deliver ultimate strength and accuracy to any excavation, liquid extraction or non-destructive digging job. 

Whether you’re in utilities, mining, or even construction, Vermeer WA & NT’s VX100 vacuum excavators allow you to start earning instantaneously on medium scale excavation jobs. 

The Vermeer VX100 range of skid-mounted vacuum excavation units offers a multitude of unique features for use across a wide variety of medium-volume excavation and spoil removal applications.

Here’s what the VX100 Vacuum Trucks bring to your job site:

  • Compact one-piece skid design: Moving equipment between job sites can pose a big challenge to contractors and suppliers alike. Vermeer’s VX100 Vacuum Trucks are designed to easily mount on a wide variety of truck chassis, or via container locks. This extra versatility gives the contractor more time to focus on the job at hand.
  • Dual tank shut-off system: Reduces the risk of material entering the blower – in turn, adding greater longevity to your system. Material entering the blower is always a risk when working messy jobs. A smart dual tank shut-off system prevents the worst from happening, preserving your equipment over time and ensuring maintenance and additional costs are minimised.
  • Quieter operation: Jobs are increasingly located in noise-sensitive environments, near schools, homes, or close to high traffic locations, hospitality and CBD zones. Keeping a low profile in these areas is often part of the brief, with local councils opting for non-destructive and minimum impact solutions. Meeting this need is the integrated silencing system installed across the VX100 Vacuum Truck range.
  • Dual oil bath – Roots blower:  VX100 Vacuum Trucks feature a high-quality blower and a dual oil bath lubrication system that ensures the highest degree of longevity and durability. An optional reverse flow system improves your ability to offload spoil faster and remove blockages in record time.
  • Optional hydraulic boom: Non-destructive digging means minimal impact. It also means focused, targeted excavation and the VX100 Vacuum Trucks come with an optional telescoping boom which can maintain the high pressure hose length during extension and comes with a remote-controlled hydraulic valve for vacuum shut off. Available with manual or hydraulic rotation.
  • In-tank washdown system: Cleanup and wash-down can be time-consuming and a massive drag on your productivity. Vermeer’s high-pressure water spray in-tank wash down system activates as you dump spoil – clearing your tank interior from debris and setting you up for the next job in the process. With a spoil tank capacity range of 3028.3 to 8327.9 litres, that’s one big item you can take off your do-to list.
  • Cam-over hydraulic rear door: The VX100 Vacuum Truck range features a Cam-Over auto-locking system that gives you a dependable positive door seal – even under reverse pressure. This eliminates the need for additional clamping solutions.
  • Three-stage cyclonic filtration: You can judge a vac truck by the quality of its filtration system. Vermeer’s Superior 33-stage filtration system features a baghouse arrangement that is conveniently located at chest height for simple removal, promoting greater longevity.

Vacuum excavation is the future. We make it happen.  

Like what you see? Here at Vermeer WA & NT, we’re here to make your vacuum excavation goals a reality. With superior after-sales support, industry-leading warranty and payment options, and a passion for all vacuum excavation, our team is standing by to assist. Give us a call on (08) 9479 4994.


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300’ (91.4 m) of Firestick® drill rod

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