VX30-250 Trailer Mounted Vacuum Excavator

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Vermeer VX30-250 Trailer Mounted Vacuum Excavator

The VX30-250 Vac trailer offers a low-cost, highly portable system for potholing, valve box cleanout, and a range of non-destructive digging tasks in industries including water, gas, and fibre installation.

With the perfect mix of power and versatility, the Vermeer VX30-250 Vac Trailer is one of the most useful tools on a job site. With an array of helpful features, the operator has full control and autonomy over the entire job – from the moment you arrive at the job to the tank wash-down at the end.

Powerful, portable and low cost

The Vermeer VX30-250 Vac Trailer packs a Yanmar diesel engine – which produces 31 hp (23.1 kW) making it one of the most powerful vacuum excavators for its size. The unit is easily transportable, and can easily be hooked up to a ute, 4-wheel drive, or a truck. The dual tank shut-off system incorporated into this unit only increases its performance on the job. 

Quieter than ever 

These days ensuring a smooth working environment is even more important – not just in terms of a seamless workflow and environmental impact, but also in terms of noise pollution. 

When it comes to residential jobs, the Vermeer VX30-250 Vac Trailer is as quiet as it gets. On quiet suburban streets the integrated silencing system keeps noise to a minimum – making for a more productive work environment and happier locals. 

Easy curb-side controls 

When you’re a local council carrying out utility work in your area, having quick access to critical control systems is essential for the smooth operation of the job at hand. With Australian curb-side control panels complemented by its compact design – this trailer vac is simple and easy to run.

Superior Hydraulics

The Vermeer VX30-250 Vac Trailer is equipped with excellent hydraulics. With two 189 Litre saddle tanks and a water pump capability of 21.2 L/min @ 206.8 bar, there is no job too difficult for this vacuum excavator. Then there’s the 575 CFM blower output and maximum vacuum strength of 381 mm Hg – more than enough to shift serious spoils.

Get the support you need with our expert team

At  Vermeer WA & NT, we provide you with the support you need to get the job done right. This means when you have an issue you know exactly who to call, and it means we can actually help you find solutions along the way. 

With an expert team on call, Vermeer WA & NT can assist you with your after-sales queries or assistance with job management systems. Get in touch with our team for a quote on our vacuum trailer range today. Call us now on (08) 9479 4994. 

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fuel-efficient engine

Vermeer WA & NT

300’ (91.4 m) of Firestick® drill rod

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Common CAN controls

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Efficient operator’s station

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Enhanced carriage speed

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