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Vermeer PD10 Solar Pile Driver

Over the past several years, renewable energy sources – like solar – have become increasingly important contributors to the world’s store of available energy. To answer the need for quick-working, accurate equipment, Vermeer has developed the robust, productive PD10 pile driver. The PD10 has been specifically designed to meet the tight tolerances demanded by commercial solar contractors and the expansive solar fields they install.
  • Autoplumb: The PD10 can correct the pile angle to complete verticality or preprogrammed angle without manual adjustment by the operator. The mast automatically moves to a plumb orientation with a touch of a button. No longer is a hand level needed to position the mast vertically. This feature helps reduce both cycle time and out-of-plumb piles.
  • Dual joystick controls: Conveniently placed controls allow for intuitive operation and increased operator comfort.
  • Efficient ground drive: Operators can move from one pile to the next quickly and accurately. With precise control, operators can spend less time installing every pile.
  • Extractor: Allows for easy removal of piles, as one machine can both drive and extract posts.
  • GPS integration: The PD10 has the capability to accept a number of GPS systems, reducing surveying time, as well as helping to install posts at the correct depth, location and angle.
  • Improved hammer energy: Provides greater hammer energy as compared to the previous iteration of the model, which helps drive larger, longer piles faster in difficult ground conditions.


Solar Pile Drivers 

In today’s rapidly changing energy market, renewable energy sources such as solar power are quickly becoming vital components of our energy landscape. 

Solar farm contractors and solar farm construction teams require fast, powerful, and reliable solutions for large-scale installations. 

With an industry-leading edge, Vermeer WA & NT is your answer to this growing demand. 

What are Solar Piles?

Solar piles are beams of steel that are installed deep into the ground to support solar panels at the correct height and angle to the sun. These lengths of steel vary depending on the kind of solar project. 

Solar piles must be installed at exactly the right distance away from the previous one – making large installation projects complex and time-consuming. Large commercial solar projects rely on quick and effective installation to minimise costs – and that requires the right machinery.

What does a pile driver do?

Solar pile drivers are the machinery that installs solar piles by hammering the beams into the ground. Usually tracked, these machines can crawl over rough terrain with minimal disturbance, making them the ideal workhorse for the extensive job of solar pile installation. Vermeer WA & NT’s new pile driver, the PD10 has been designed specifically to meet the needs of solar farm projects.

How many piles are in a solar farm?

Large solar farms can spread over thousands of hectares and contain up to hundreds of thousands of solar piles on any single project. Naturally, this presents a unique and complex job for pile-driver operators and site managers who are operating under tight deadlines and often in remote and difficult conditions. 

Usually, 150 to 200 solar piles are driven into the ground, per machine, per day. However, this can also depend on the kind of solar project, local geography of the solar fields, and the machine being used. 

What is pile driving equipment?

Pile driving equipment is the machine used for solar pile driving installation. These machines are backed up by GPS functions to deliver accurate solar panel installation and reduce work time.

Vermeer’s compact and light footprint pile drivers are designed to meet the growing needs of the expanding green energy and solar industry. 

With the ability to install accurately and efficiently, Vermeer’s range features an array of productivity features that outrank the competition such as:

  • Smaller, lightweight, and compact design allows for easier on-site manoeuvrability.
  • Integrated control system including auto-plumb which allows operators important information on depth, plumb height, and alignment. 
  • Precise ground control and remote control options to allow for quick movement between piles.
  • Intuitive GPS functions allow for accurate installation, and reduced surveying time. 

Vermeer’s answer to solar farm construction needs

From the Vermeer PD5 to the Vermeer PD10, both pile drive solutions are equipped to install faster, with increased accuracy, and better on-site productivity. 

Vermeer WA & NT have a wide range of dealership connections and after-sales support options for contractors working on solar farms across Western Australia and the Northern Territory. 

As the solar market grows, we continue to provide support to our clients across the country to ensure the highest level of productivity. If you want to learn more about how we can support your business, get in contact with the team here at Vermeer WA & NT.

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