Vacuum excavators are a great method of both non-destructive digging and liquid removal. The high-pressure hose and strong vacuum hose make service locating and slurry cleanup a breeze. No wonder they’re so popular at the moment, they’re a multipurpose tool.

Perhaps you already know this, and you’re in the market for one, but want to know what vac truck capacity you need. Well, this is the article for you. We’ll compare four of our Vermeer vac trucks to one another, and cover some of the benefits of having a larger capacity compared to a smaller one, and vice versa.

The Vermeer range


Water tank capacity: 1500 litres

Spoil tank capacity: 3000 litres


This is the smallest out of the four, but that isn’t a bad thing. It has an easy-to-install one-piece skid design that can be mounted on smaller trucks with two axles. This gives it a lighter weight and form factor. If a job requires tight access or is on boggy ground, this truck is going to be a great choice. 


Water tank capacity: 1500 litres

Spoil tank capacity: 4500 litres


The capabilities of this truck are going to be much the same as the previous one, as it’s the same model but with a higher capacity tank. This model has an extra 1500 litres over the previous one. While this one will be fine in confined places, it won’t be as good off road in wet soil. 


Water tank capacity: 3500 litres

Spoil tank capacity: 8000 litres 


The VX100-MEGA is one of the medium-sized trucks. Perfect for going to building sites, and for general field work, as long as the ground conditions aren’t too wet and muddy. 


Water tank capacity: 3000 litres

Spoil tank capacity: 4500 – 11,000 litres (depending on model) 


This is a large vacuum excavator that will require a larger working area. A key benefit of this truck is the massive capacity, great for larger-scale jobs. Construction sites need a lot of cleanups, meaning this truck can be on site for a longer period of time to collect more waste and spoilage. 

What are the working conditions?


Now that you know the different vac truck capacities, we’re going to talk about one of the most important aspects of choosing the right sucker truck. In short, it’s what you are going to use it for. As explored before, some trucks are better on the field than others. To lay it out in simple terms, the smaller the truck the easier it will be to manoeuvre and position. Although, there is more to it than that. 

Some things to think about for the working conditions include: 1) Is the site boggy and wet, or dry and easy to access? 2) Is it in between a narrow alleyway between two buildings with a smaller work area?  

If the job is on a construction site that needs a lot of slurry clean-up, it may be better to have a vehicle with a higher capacity. So the VX100 and VX200 are going to be great for this. 

However, if the site is in a field, smaller capacity trucks like the VX70-800 and the VX70-1200 will be good. A site with a lot of mud is going to bog any truck, but the smaller trucks are just going to be easier to recover if that does happen. 

Sometimes jobs need to take place right in the heart of a city, between two buildings in a narrow alleyway. This is typical for non-destructive digging and service locating jobs, so the smaller the truck the better. It gives workers safer operating conditions and space to work.

How far does the waste need to be transported? 


Even the largest tank needs to be drained. When planning the logistics of a job, taking into consideration how far the disposal site is from the job site will help determine the necessary vacuum truck capacity.  

Is it a long distance between the waste disposal site and the job site? Maybe one of the larger capacity tanks that the VX100 and VX200 offer is a better choice for those longer distances, given that there won’t need to be so many trips back and forth.

Conversely, if the disposal site isn’t a long drive, say, 15 minutes, or even on the same site, the VX70 range will be perfectly capable.

Made a decision? Enquire with Vermeer now! 


As you may have come to realise, determining the best vacuum truck capacity comes down to the customer’s needs and expectations. The four trucks listed are a few of our high-quality industrial vacuum trucks, skids and trailers available. Whether a job needs waste management, sewage sludge removal, or non-destructive vacuum excavation, Vermeer WA & NT has the vac truck for you. Reach us on our website or by phone on (08) 9479 4994.


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