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Vermeer BC900XL Wood Chipper

The Vermeer BC900XL brush wood chipper was designed to eliminate the guesswork out of chipping. No chucking. No ducking. Just smooth chipping performance. Able to chip heavily branched material up to 9” (23 cm) in diameter and 14” (35.5 cm) wide, the BC900XL is ideal for line clearing and general clean-up needs. In combination, the Vermeer exclusive SmartFeed system, and its 35 hp (26.1 kW) Briggs and Stratton Petrol Engine, pulls in and processes difficult material.


  • 35 hp (26.1 kW) Petrol Engine: High torque and power in a compact and lightweight size. The petrol engine allows for reduced fuel consumption while still providing power for the high-capacity infeed system.
  • Bottom Feed Stop Bar: Helps to increase operator safety while feeding material.
  • Disc-style chipper: Discharge Chute: Adjustable chute positions allow chip boxes to be filled evenly while safely directing chips away from the infeed area.Disc is suitable for chipping 9” (23 cm) material while being cost-effective.
  • Dual-Edge Cutter Knives: This helps increase knife life by using two usable edges rather than one.
  • Ease of Service: Direct access to all parts of the chipper for routine maintenance without having to climb on or remove any shields. Disc cover opens fully to allow complete access to cutter knives for inspection and replacement. A dripless oil filter and five grease points are provided to reduce work effort and speed up service time. No need to crawl under machine for routine maintenance.


fuel-efficient engine

300’ (91.4 m) of Firestick® drill rod

Common CAN controls

Efficient operator’s station

Enhanced carriage speed

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