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Surface Mining Equipment & Mining Equipment Suppliers in WA & NT

Whether it’s helping to extract and process mineral resources or helping harness renewable energy sources, Vermeer has the solutions and support that Australia’s mining and energy contractors need to deliver on time and on budget.

Vermeer WA & NT’s specialist range of surface mining equipment is designed to expose companies and contractors to a more versatile range of machinery that is ideal for when explosives or traditional excavation techniques aren’t up to the job. Whether it’s accessing surface minerals or harnessing renewable energies, Vermeer WA & NT provides new and ongoing support to Australia’s mining contractors in a fast-evolving industry. Here’s an overview of our range.

The ultimate surface mining machine is encapsulated by Vermeer’s surface excavation machine. From top-down cutting techniques, removing topsoil, extracting minerals, and construction site surface preparation, this range of surface mining equipment is ideal for mining and construction companies looking to efficiently carry out heavier civil projects and commercial mining activities. Designed to work in a range of difficult surface conditions and terrain, Vermeer’s range of surface miners can be expected to deliver improved drive power and accurate cutting applications.

Whether it’s for regional mining, large scale construction, or civil projects, Vermeer’s range of trusted pipeline directional drills, trenchers, and reclaimers are designed to increase job-site efficiency and allow for maximum runtime with all the power focused on your goals. From gas, power, water, and sewer installation projects, Vermeer’s range of trenchers and drills are designed to tackle even the densest rocks and soil compositions. 

With a focus on creating smaller footprints and promoting efficiency, Vermeer’s premium range of vacuum excavators is changing the way energy and utility contractors and teams carry out excavation and spoil disposal tasks. With complex building sites and projects demanding more versatility and better extraction and excavation techniques – Vermeer’s range of vacuum excavator trucks fills that market need with the highest quality assets. 

Pact with the latest computer-aided control systems and patented technologies, Vermeer puts the focus on efficiency – improving surface mining equipment solutions for a broad range of contractors in various industry settings. Furthermore, Vermeer’s range of engines is designed to work at the maximum output – maximising fuel efficiency and on-site running costs. 

When you hire or invest in surface mining equipment and assets, Vermeer provides ongoing and after-sales support wherever needed. A fleet of equipment is not complete without a scheduled maintenance programme. At Vermeer, we understand part of building your business and financing your assets is ensuring their long term durability and efficacy. 

From premium after-sales support and a trusted team behind you, Vermeer WA & NT is committed to working alongside you in delivering your services on-time and with maximum efficiency. Our range of surface mining equipment is unparalleled in quality and efficiency – meaning your next job will be both fast and successful. If you want to gain access to our premium range – get in touch with our sales team today.