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At Vermeer Wa & NT, we provide a diverse range of construction equipment, designed to deliver superior performance and meet the demanding needs of the civil construction industry in Australia. From powerful vacuum excavators to precise horizontal directional drills, our range of Vermeer equipment is engineered with cutting-edge technology and innovative features that enhance productivity, improve safety, and ensure reliability. Find all your equipment solutions in one place when you go with Vermeer WA & NT.


CTX100 Mini Skid Steer

  • Weight: 1594.4 kg
  • Power: 29.8 kw
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CTX160 Mini Skid Steer

  • Weight: 1746.3 kg
  • Power: 29.8 kw
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PD10 Solar Pile Driver

  • Weight: 6411.5 kg
  • Power: 36.5 kw
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PD10R Solar Pile Driver

  • Weight: 7057.9 kg
  • Power: 36.5 kw
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On-Site Technician Guarantee in WA & NT


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Why Vermeer?

We offer robust machinery that consistently delivers high performance and enables our customers to execute their jobs within timelines and around existing infrastructure without any unwarranted interruptions. Each piece of our construction equipment is rigorously tested and engineered for durability, ensuring you can rely on them for any job.

Beyond just selling equipment, Vermeer WA & NT also offers comprehensive service support through our extensive network of skilled professionals. When investing in Vermeer, you’re not only purchasing high-quality, reliable equipment but also gaining a partner committed to your success in infrastructure projects.


What types of civil construction machinery does Vermeer offer?

Vermeer offers a wide range of civil construction machinery including horizontal directional drills, vacuum excavators, trenchers, mini skid steers, and many more.

Can Vermeer's civil construction machinery handle large-scale infrastructure projects?

Absolutely. Vermeer's range of machinery is designed to handle a wide array of infrastructure projects, large or small. Whether you're working around existing infrastructure or starting a new project, Vermeer has the right equipment for the job.

What kind of maintenance does Vermeer's civil construction machinery require?

While maintenance requirements can vary by specific model, all Vermeer machines are designed for easy maintenance. The company also provides comprehensive maintenance guides and we have a dedicated service team ready to assist you when needed.

How does Vermeer ensure the safety of operators using their civil construction machinery?

Safety is a top priority for Vermeer. All their civil construction machines are designed with safety features and intuitive controls to create a safer working environment and protect operators from potential hazards.

Does Vermeer offer training on how to operate their civil construction machinery?

Yes, Vermeer provides training and support to ensure that customers are well-equipped to operate their machines safely and efficiently. This training covers machine operation, safety protocols, and routine maintenance.
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