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At Vermeer WA & NT, we understand the critical role that tree care equipment plays in maintaining and managing urban and rural landscapes. That is why our machines and arborist gear are designed to provide maximum performance and operator safety. Whether you are in the tree care or tree removal business, you can count on our wide range of arborist equipment, stump grinders, and wood chippers to get the job done from start to finish.


BC1000XL Wood Chipper

  • Weight: 2265.7 kg
  • Power: 36.5 kW
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BC1200XL Wood Chipper/Brush Chipper

  • Weight: 2576.4 kg
  • Power: 100.7 kw
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BC1500 Wood Chipper

  • Weight: 3538 kg
  • Power: 97 kW
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On-Site Technician Guarantee in WA & NT


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Why Choose Vermeer?

Vermeer wood chippers, along with arborist supplies and stump grinders, set a high standard in the industry for their innovative design, power, and commitment to operator safety. For example, our wood chippers are equipped with advanced systems like SmartFeed and EcoIdle™ which enhance productivity and safety.

Our commitment to quality also extends across to Vermeer stump grinders, which incorporate the advanced AutoSweep® System. This exclusive system allows for efficient stump removal, with tree stumps being swept away smoothly, one pass after another.

Moreover, at Vermeer WA & NT we offer a comprehensive after-sale service with genuine Vermeer parts and skilled technicians who can repair your tree care equipment in no time. We also offer financing options on most of our range, so talk to our dedicated equipment financing team for more details!


What type of arborist gear does Vermeer supply?

At Vermeer WA & NT, we provide an extensive selection of Sherrill Tree arbor equipment . Catering to tree climbers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals, our arborist gear encompasses everything required, including:
  • - Climbing harnesses
  • - Tree-climbing ropes
  • - Rigging equipment
  • - Throw lines
  • - Weights for climbing and rigging
  • - Carabiners for secure attachments
  • - Micrograms for precise measurements
  • - Protective helmets for safety

Does Vermeer offer financing for tree care equipment?

Absolutely! At Vermeer WA & NT, we work in partnership with DLL to provide a variety of financing solutions. Our aim is to make it feasible for businesses of all sizes to obtain Vermeer equipment in a way that is financially manageable.

Do I need a stump grinder or a mini skid steer?

Mini skid steers with stump grinder attachments can be beneficial for accessing tight spaces, such as through fence gates, and are lighter for easier transportation. However, they are generally underpowered for stump grinding, have awkward positioning and operation, and are not well-balanced, with much of the weight on the rear and no way to transfer it to the cutting wheel

Should I get a tracked or wheeled stump grinder?

The choice between tracked and wheeled stump grinders depends on the job's requirements. Wheeled grinders are usually smaller, belt-driven, and manually controlled, making them suitable for smaller, softer stumps, and they are generally more affordable. Tracked grinders are larger, offer more stability and traction, and are better for tough stumps.

What safety features do Vermeer wood chippers have?

Vermeer wood chippers key safety feature is the enhanced feed control bars. These intelligent feed control systems are designed to mitigate risks associated with the feed process. They include an upper feed control bar with additional emergency stop positions and a patented bottom stop feed bar that can be activated with the leg, allowing for hands-free stops.
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