CT718 Bioenergy Compost Turner

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Vermeer CT718

Get consistent results in less time with the CT718 compost turner. Featuring a large 44”/111.76 cm drum to mix and aerate more material with each rotation, the CT718 allows operators to program a constant load to maximize efficiency.

Process up to 5,000 tons (4535.9 metric tons) per hour. A Caterpillar C15 Tier 3 engine provides 540 hp/402.68 kw of power. A synchronous poly-belt drum drive system, and a heavy-duty construction, help deliver long machine life with less maintenance.

  • Operator comfort and efficiency enhanced by cab features that include filtered pressurization, air conditioning, heat, fully adjustable suspension seat with operator presence, armrests and joystick controls, window wipers with washers, second (passenger) seat with seatbelt, work lights, dome light, 12V accessory ports and radio/CD player.
  • New controls display with a full instrument panel makes it easier to read all control gauges at a glance. Common controls have a more industry-standard joystick position and control style.
  • Large-diameter drum contacts more material in the windrow while turning. This feature will mix and aerate material more consistently, therefore shortening the compost cycle.
  • Side- and rear-view cameras allow for viewing of both sides and rear of the machine from the operator seat.


fuel-efficient engine

300’ (91.4 m) of Firestick® drill rod

Common CAN controls

Efficient operator’s station

Enhanced carriage speed

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