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PTX44 Trencher

With superior precision, power, and efficiency, the PTX44 plow/trencher is your all-in-one solution for installing electrical, utilities, fiber optic, and irrigation services. Whether you’re a utility contractor, landscaping professional, or local council, you can take advantage of multiple possible attachments, high productivity, versatility, and serviceability. 


Install deeper and wider

The PTX44 boasts a maximum installation depth of 61cm and trenching capability for up to 106.7cm depth and a maximum trenching width of 15.2cm. With this ride-on trencher, no project is out of reach. With a smooth installation run, you can be confident that your underground services will operate smoothly and without interruption.


All the power at your fingertips

With a Kubota water cooled petrol engine delivering 46.8 hp and 88.7 ft-lb of torque, the centre articulated PTX44 your creep speed and versatility over uneven ground is optimised for the most challenging job site conditions. Plow or trench your work area in less time, while using less fuel than competitors in its class – with Vermeer’s PTX44, you can plow faster, further, and deeper.


Precision accuracy

When it comes to the installation of utilities, accuracy is vital. Equipped with electronic controls, the PTX44 installs a range of utilities with precision accuracy and smooth handling. From fiber optic, irrigation, gas, and electricity, underground utility contractors can take advantage of the PTX44’s smooth hydraulics and finely tuned controls. Drive with ease over difficult terrain, and let the machine do the work with near-telepathic control over all vital functions.


Centre articulated for maximum versatility

Designed to fulfil a variety of installation jobs in different conditions and terrain, the PTX44 sets the benchmark for versatility in its class. Centre articulated, and with constant oscillation at the machine’s articulation point, there’s nowhere this versatile machine can’t go. 


Designed to deliver on all your trenching needs

Both landscaping professionals and underground utility contractors can rely on the PTX44’s intuitive design. The Vermeer PTX44’s operator’s station is raised, providing excellent visibility, and taking the guesswork out of more complex installations. Improved comfort levels make for reduced operator fatigue, especially on those longer distance installations.


Service with ease

Minimise the time you spend on preventive maintenance with improved serviceability access to engine oil filters and hydraulics. For routine oil checks, refills and replacements, there’s no need to remove any shielding parts – allowing you to get back to work quicker.


Install with confidence

A world leader in trenching and plowing solutions, Vermeer’s service plow and trenching equipment is aimed at improving job site productivity and improving your bottom line. This center articulated PTX44 plow is ready to improve your utility installation game. With a flexible warranty, expert after-sales support, and financing options available, Vermeer WA & NT is your go-to for trenching and plowing solutions.


For product enquiries or more information, get in touch with our qualified and highly knowledgeable sales team at Vermeer WA & NT. We’re ready to take your call.

Vermeer WA & NT

fuel-efficient engine

Vermeer WA & NT

300’ (91.4 m) of Firestick® drill rod

Vermeer WA & NT

Common CAN controls

Vermeer WA & NT

Efficient operator’s station

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Enhanced carriage speed

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