Dealing with a tree stump can be a daunting task, and choosing the right equipment is crucial for efficient and effective removal. Today we delve into the world of stump removal, focusing on two leading stump grinders in the industry: the Vermeer SC30TX vs Toro STX-26.

In this comparison, we’ll explore how these two stump grinders stack up against each other, examining their features and stump removal abilities. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or arborist, this guide will help you make an informed decision on the best stump grinder for your needs.

Join us as we compare the Vermeer SC30TX vs Toro STX-26, and find out which might be the right choice for tackling your stump removal tasks.

Key features 

Key features


The Vermeer SC30TX has dimensions of 239cm L x 89cm W x 124cm H, while the Toro STX-26 is slightly smaller with dimensions of 228cm L x 84cm W x 129cm H. The additional length and width of the Vermeer SC30TX can be especially advantageous for tasks requiring more reach or stability. In saying that, the SC30TX grinder still allows for operator access through narrow gates or into tight areas.

In terms of weight, the Vermeer SC30TX weighs 703 kg, compared to the 544 kg of the Toro STX-26. But this is expected given the slightly larger size and bigger tank capacity available with the Vermeer stump grinder

Engine power 

The Vermeer SC30TX is powered by a Kohler ECH740 EFI engine, which delivers 25 horsepower (18.6 kW). This electronic fuel injection (EFI) engine is known for its efficiency and reliability, offering consistent power output and fuel economy. The EFI system enhances the engine’s performance, especially in varying working conditions, by adjusting the fuel delivery for optimal combustion.

On the other hand, the Toro STX-26 is equipped with a Kawasaki FX-730V engine, which provides a slightly higher power output of 26 horsepower. 

Both engines are gasoline-powered, indicating ease of fuel availability and maintenance. However, the Vermeer’s Kohler engine (with its EFI system) may offer better fuel efficiency and easier starts compared to the Toro’s Kawasaki engine. 

Fuel capacity 

The Vermeer SC30TX boasts a larger fuel tank with a capacity of 25.7 litres. This substantial size ensures longer operation periods before the need for refuelling, thereby enhancing productivity and reducing downtime, especially in intensive or remote job sites.

Conversely, the Toro STX-26 comes with a smaller fuel tank, holding up to 18.2 litres. While this capacity is sufficient for a considerable amount of work, the smaller tank might necessitate more frequent refuelling breaks compared to the Vermeer SC30TX, especially during extended use or in large-scale projects. 

Cutting Wheel 

The Vermeer SC30TX’s cutting wheel is equipped with 16 teeth and has a diameter of 40.6 cm. The greater number of teeth on the SC30TX wheel allows for finer and more consistent cuts, making it well-suited for precision work. Additionally, the smaller diameter of the wheel contributes to its agility and precision in cutting, which allows for effective manoeuvring in tighter spaces or more intricate landscapes.

In contrast, the Toro STX-26 features a cutting wheel with 12 teeth and a larger diameter of 48.3 cm. The larger diameter of the Toro STX-26 wheel allows for a broader cutting path in a single pass,potentially making it more efficient, but not guaranteed to achieve a better result than the Vermeer SC0TX. 

Cutting Depth

The Vermeer SC30TX and the Toro STX-26 offer nearly identical cutting depths of 30.4 cm and 31.8 cm respectively. This depth allows for effective cutting and digging without being overly invasive, making it suitable for tasks where precision is key.

Reasons to buy the Vermeer SC30TX

Reasons to buy the Vermeer SC30TX

SmartSweep™ Control System 

The Vermeer SC30TX features a notable technological advancement known as the SmartSweep™ Control System, which is exclusive to Vermeer. This innovative system represents a significant leap in operational efficiency and user control for this model.

SmartSweep™ is designed to optimise the performance of the cutting system by automatically adjusting the cutter wheel’s speed based on the load. When the machine encounters heavier loads or tougher cutting conditions, the system intelligently moderates the wheel speed, ensuring consistent performance without overloading the engine.

This not only enhances the cutting efficiency but also reduces the wear and tear on the machine, potentially extending its lifespan.

Yellow Jacket™ Cutter System

The Vermeer SC30TX is equipped with the Yellow Jacket™ Cutter System, a distinctive feature that significantly enhances its cutting capabilities. It’s also specifically designed to extend the life of the cutting teeth and simplify maintenance. 

The Yellow Jacket™ Cutter System features a unique tooth design and cutting pattern that optimises the machine’s cutting efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, the arrangement of the teeth on the cutter wheel is optimised to distribute wear evenly, which extends the life of the teeth and reduces the frequency of replacements.

Another key advantage of this system is the ease with which the teeth can be serviced or replaced. The design allows for quick and straightforward tooth changes, minimising downtime and keeping the machine operational with less effort. This is particularly beneficial in demanding work environments where time is a critical factor. 

Find your stump grinder at Vermeer WA & NT


Find your stump grinder at Vermeer WA & NT

At Vermeer WA & NT, we proudly supply a wide range of stump grinders, including the highly sought-after Vermeer SC30TX

We understand that purchasing equipment is a significant investment, which is why we offer excellent after-sales service to ensure your peace of mind. Our team of experts is always ready to provide you with the support, maintenance, and advice you need to keep your Vermeer equipment in top condition.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of financial flexibility. That’s why we’ve partnered with DLL, a global leader in equipment financing, to offer you tailored financing options that fit your budget and business needs. With our financing solutions, you can easily acquire the equipment you require without the upfront financial burden.

Don’t let stump removal be a hassle. Contact us today at Vermeer WA & NT and let us help you find the perfect stump grinder for your needs! 

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