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Stump Grinders

For tree care specialists, landscape contractors, conservationists, local councils, and landowners – owning a stump grinder turns back-breaking work into a simple and effortless task. Not only do we stock a range of fast, efficient, and powerful stump grinders, but our tree care equipment is also specially designed to cut through Australia’s toughest hardwood timber. Here’s an overview of our most powerful arbor gear: the stump grinder. 

Go anywhere 

It’s not just superior power and efficiency that makes the Vermeer range of stump grinders effective at removing the toughest of tree stumps. It’s their ability to slide through a garden gateway with as much ease and agility as a regular mower. With excellent hydraulics and over-ground versatility – choose between tracks and wheels for your next job. 


Tree care equipment for all trades and purposes  

Whether you’re updating an existing rental fleet or investing in new equipment for your business, Vermeer has your back with a range of arbor gear suitable for your needs. Here are some ways we’re making the job easier:


The Yellow Jacket™ Cutter System

Tree care is a tough business, especially if you’re working with some of the hardest timbers in the world. Vermeer’s patented Yellow Jacket Cutter System is designed for ultimate power and better machine life – you can expect to get more working hours out of your blade while maximising cutting efficiency. You’ll find Vermeer’s new cutting technologies across an increasing number of tree care equipment, in particular, our stump grinder range.


Tracks and wheels

These days allowing contractors to choose from either tracked equipment wheels presents some major advantages for those working on a variety of different job-sites. For harder ground and increased speed – choose between a range of wheel-driven stump grinders. For uneven ground, or if your property is marked by difficult terrain – tracked stump grinders equipment will be your go-to.


Vermeer’s chip blade 

Manually moving chips around the job-site is not only a difficult and time-consuming task, it can reduce your productivity and result in hours of back-breaking work. With Vermeer’s smart chip blade, we remove the need to deal with the loose chips and dust. For contractors who are under pressure to keep a job-site clean and contained – this allows for a reduced footprint and less manual labour. Let the stump grinder machine do the work for you and focus on the cutting.


Get the most from your stump grinder

For assistance with maintenance, servicing, and spare parts – count on Vermeer WA & NT to be there with the support and equipment you need to get back on the job and resume business. Our after-sales support and experience in the trade are valuable tools for our customers and partners alike. For a quote or more information on our stump grinder range, get in touch with our sales team today.