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Vermeer Vacuum Trucks and Mining Vacuum Excavator

  Vermeer WA & NT offers a range of industry-leading vacuum excavators for non-destructive digging, pipe and service installation, waste management, landscaping and more. Efficiency, safety, and versatility: the best tools have all 3. Vermeer vacuum excavators are counted among the leaders in trenchless technology around the world because they get the job done. Our extensive range of Vermeer vacuum excavator trucks and trailers provide powerful, versatile solutions for non-destructive drilling in urban, regional, and remote areas alike.

The Right Tool For Every Job

Vermeer WA & NT supply trailer and truck-mounted vacuum excavators to serve a wide variety of industries. Today more than ever the need for effectiveness and safety is critical. Our technology is changing the way councils, contractors, landscapers, and utilities companies work.

Trailer-mounted vacuum excavators like the VX30-250 are compact, low cost, and highly mobile units that go where other equipment can’t. Convenient curbside controls paired with powerful vacuum extraction. That means a safer, more accurate solution for water, gas and fiber installation, potholing, valve box clean-out, and more. Then there are the big guys. Vermeer truck-mounted vacuum excavators like the VX70-800 and VX70-1200 are packed with powerful features, all wrapped in a sleek and silenced machine that fits on the back of almost any truck. The ability to tackle almost any type of earth, plus an optional hydraulic boom for greater reach, make these Vermeer vacuum excavators incredibly versatile for medium-volume excavation and soil removal.


High Quality Vacuum Excavators

Vermeer WA & NT is focused on enabling WA contractors, councils, and utilities to work more efficiently. We understand the need for safe, trusted equipment sourced from a local supplier who knows the industry.

Check out our exclusive range of vacuum excavators or contact Vermeer WA & NT for expert advice and the right tools every time We’ve got you covered, below ground and above.