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With the exponential growth of suburban areas in both Perth and Darwin, the demand for reliable, efficient, and safe hydro excavators,vacuum excavator trucks and solar energy contractors is skyrocketing. For Western Australia and the Northern Territory, we are servicing the region with the highest quality vacuum excavator trucks for sale, and are here to answer any questions you may have regarding investment and financing options.

Our range explained: trailer-mounted units

Vermeer WA & NT have a specialized range of vacuum excavation trucks and hydro excavation trucks for sale for a range of industries including solar power plant projects. From smaller, more compact units that require minimal storage space to larger skid mounted vacuum trucks that are primed for heavy-duty excavation jobs. Our range starts with the VX25-100, providing a smart and simple solution for front and backyard jobs, and the VX30-100 which adds power and a quieter engine. With a larger spoil tank but still relatively flexible, the trailer-mounted VX30-250 offers features such as a smart in-tank wash down system that saves you doing extra work on the job.

Truck-mounted units

Our range of skid-mounted hydro excavation and vacuum excavation trucks is perfect for getting the job done quickly and effectively. The VX70-VX100 range exhibits increased power and higher spoil tank capacities. With the higher models also come several extras that can add efficiency and power to the operation. Customization is critical in a world where every job has its own complexities and challenges, at Vermeer, these challenges are met with decades of experience and know-how.

Big job? Big vacuum excavation truck

Vermeer takes pride in offering a large range of mining vacuum excavators. This means providing higher quality, larger units that don’t compromise on efficiency despite having larger systems. The VX200 mega vacuum excavator demonstrates this balance of power and efficiency with the most power and the largest spoil tank across the entire range. With a 200hp John Deere engine and unique setup, this vacuum excavator is a force to be reckoned with.

Quality service and ongoing support

As with all Vermeer machinery, it’s our quality of service and specialized maintenance that contributes to an excellent after-sales and on-going support mechanism. For those starting out with new machinery, perhaps in a growing business, the kind of support on offer will ensure the most efficient solution to any job you turn your hands to.

Mining Vacuum Excavator For Sale

When choosing your equipment, choose with the future in mind. From a business perspective, your assets should always be covered by the right insurance and be maintained to get the most life from them. Choosing from Vermeer’s range of vacuum excavators and hydro-vacuum excavation machinery as your solar energy contractor is one way you can ensure you have the right insurance coverage and warranty. This peace of mind is crucial when growing a business and dealing with new equipment. Get in touch with our sales team today for more information on how we can make your business thrive as your solar energy contractor. Check out our exclusive range of Vac Trucks/ Vacuum Trucks/Vacuum excavators trucks and Hydro Excavators or contact Vermeer WA & NT for expert advice and the right tools every time We’ve got you covered, below ground and above.

Range Sale Model

New "Equipped to Do More®" Range Heading to Australia

XR2 Model

XR2 Vacuum Excavator

An industry first - the only vac excavator equipped for on-site recycling.

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VXT500 Model

VXT500 Vacuum Excavator

Teaming up with Vacuum X-Traction Products for a legendary collaboration.

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