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Vacuum Excavator For Sale In WA & NT

Vermeer provides a comprehensive suite of McLaughlin, Vacuum X-Traction, Inc. and Vac-Tron series vacuum excavation technology and equipment training and support, as well as the XR2 vacuum excavator a brand-new innovation that incorporates the traditional soft digging method of vacuum excavation with the separation technology of a reclaimer. Working under one leadership team allows us to leverage the innovation, market expertise and production capabilities across brands to meet increasing demand. It also provides you a more efficient, single-point connection to a full vac product lineup. Today, more than ever, the ability to make a big impact with a small footprint is critical. Trenchless expertise has never been in higher demand, and Vermeer is the powerhouse in vacuum excavation technology and equipment. From skid to trailer to truck-mounted vacuum excavators, Vermeer has you covered.

Be it for private excavation such as utility cleanups or other excavation purposes, or larger commercial projects requiring more agility and efficiency, Vermeer WA & NT have you covered with their comprehensive range of vacuum excavators. Digging for any purpose can be a messy job, particularly when the debris is in a non-solid form, mud, slurry or in a compact or difficult environment. Vermeer’s range of vacuum excavators delivers pinpoint accuracy and efficient digging that causes little to no disturbance to the immediate environment whilst maximising on power and effectiveness.

Ready for dispatch

Across WA and the NT, Vermeer has a range of truck-mounted, trailer, or skid vacuum excavators that are ready for immediate and urgent dispatch. Sometimes the job demands immediate action due to spillages or potential cave-ins, so having your excavator at the ready is very important on particular jobs. Knowing you have a piece of machinery that is both reliable and effective at excavation can make all the difference in the critical project phases.

High impact efficiency

With ever-increasing demand for high impact excavation, be it on commercial or private projects, the question of the footprint is always on any developer’s mind. Knowing you have a trusted system that generates zero footprint on the surrounding environment while never compromising on excavation impact and efficiency is crucial when starting an important job.

More control = better excavation accuracy

Being in complete control of where spoil goes, be it dirt, rock, or other debris, you need the fundamentals to be in order. Ease of access to controls, quality filtration, intuitive, user-friendly design, and maneuverability all come together to create an efficient package that will deliver great results on any project. Vermeer WA & NT not only has the range to suit any excavation needs, but dig beneath the surface and discover optional extras that can make your excavation project both cheaper and more effective. A 5000 psi optional water pump on the skid-mounted vacuum excavator range or a full mine specification upgrade on the trailer-mounted range can work wonders on any job-site.

Vermeer’s Vacuum Excavator For Sale

Choosing the right excavator your needs is simple with a wide range available for purchase at your local dealership. Whether it’s for private hire, or local council or contractors purchase, it helps to know the project and what’s involved before laying down the cash. The spoil tank capacity, for example, will need to match the amount of predicted spoil, and knowing the dimensions of the job-site will also come in handy. Speaking with Vermeer’s experts can narrow down your options while still giving you the flexibility to choose from a range of prices and specs.

Quality and efficiency: onsite and offsite

Quality Vermeer vacuum excavators come with a 12 month 1,000-hour warranty no matter which product you end up purchasing. With optional extras and after-sales support on all machinery, you can expect more than just the hardware. With heightened efficiency, better handling, and intuitive running systems, Vermeer’s vacuum excavators allow you to dig smarter and with more accuracy than ever before. Check out our range and get in contact today for more information on how we can make your next dig as efficient as possible.