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Wood Chippers

Vermeer Wood Chippers in Perth and NT

Vermeer WA & NT have a huge range of commercial wood chippers ready to tackle branch, brush, and trunk jobs around Perth and the NT. We’ve got solutions for arborists, councils, loggers, and landscapers ready to roll out when you need an equipment upgrade.

Vermeer is known around the world for reliable, high-quality, and high-performance equipment and the range of wood chippers is no exception. Engineered to be tougher than top-end terrain, mobile for urban work, and safe for operators, these versatile machines are the ideal wood chippers for Perth and NT.

Whether you’re a contractor looking to invest in quality equipment or a passionate arborist making the switch to self-sufficiency, Vermeer WA & NT have a range of quality commercial wood chippers that are ready for any task. With a strong reputation that precedes us, Vermeer is dedicated to providing safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for a variety of wood chipping jobs. 

Choose cost-effective solutions 

Growing businesses and contractors benefit from Vermeer’s competitive prices and excellent support systems. The BC900XL wood chipper demonstrates how cost-effectiveness does not come with any compromise on quality or effectiveness, with a 35hp engine and 9-inch (23cm) diameter chipping capability, this is just the start of Vermeer’s impressive range. 


Choose versatility 

At Vermeer WA & NT we understand every job is different. That’s why we supply machinery that is designed with versatility in mind. The BC1000XL is a perfect match of fuel-saving technology that lets you stay on the job for longer, and compact, intelligent design allowing for ease of access and faster progress. 


Safety above all

Vermeer’s equipment and machinery is designed and manufactured with the highest safety protocols in place. Special attention is given to ensuring the towing, operation, and storage phases are as low risk as possible. The BC1200XL wood chipper and its option winch system allow larger logs to be loaded with ease. No more dangerous and time-consuming lifting or dragging, this is the perfect solution to larger, more hefty jobs. Safety is also integral to the overall design of the equipment, making it easier and safer for first time users.


Smart and powerful 

Vermeer WA & NT have developed a fleet of wood chippers that balance power and intelligence to the point of perfection. With the likes of the BC1500 or the BC1800XL Wood Chippers, there are not many logs that will escape these jaws. A smarter, more intuitive feed system monitors rpm and potential jams, leaving you can get on with the job.


Top of their class

For council verge collection and other storm damage cleanups, Vermeer WA & NT have developed wood chippers that are both powerful, versatile, safe, and efficient. The BC2100XL demonstrates how smarter, more efficient power can be the solution to the largest of jobs. Effortlessness is the name of the game, and with the expertise and quality craftsmanship, these chippers are effective in almost any setting.


Premium support 

With a highly trained team on call and expert advice and after-sales support, Vermeer offers a highly competitive support system that sets it apart from other dealers. For contractors and councils, this gives you peace of mind when dealing with new equipment. With a variety of insurance and financing options, Vermeer WA & NT are ready to help with your next project. Get in touch with our sales team today for high-quality woodchippers and ongoing professional support and maintenance.


Urban expansion is making wood chippers in Perth a must-have for councils, landscapers, and contractors clearing land for new developments. In the top end, brush clearing for new suburbs and development projects are driving demand for wood chippers in NT. Vermeer WA & NT are proud to be the premier wood chipper supplier for both regions, providing solutions that get to the root of the problem.


Our exclusive selection of Vermeer wood chippers starts with the rugged and highly mobile BC1200XL, able to tear through material up to 12” (30.5cm) efficiently and safely. Next up is the BC1500 featuring a 15” (38cm) infeed capacity for fast, efficient brush clearing and waste removal. Need more than brush and branches chipped? The BC1800XL has you covered with three engine options powering a 19” (48.3cm) feeder, plus an optional winch to hoist those chunky trunks into the woodchipper. With a 21” (53.3cm) capacity and gutsy 10,000lb (4,537kg) pulling power, the BC2100XL is our biggest unit for serious clearing work.

Safe, Effective, Efficient Wood Chippers

Our products from the world-renowned Vermeer range are equal parts innovative and indispensable for contractors, landscapers, municipalities, and arborists serious about their work. Industry-leading safety features and unmatched versatility make these commercial woodchippers the best choice from the southwest to the top end.

Check out our range of Vermeer wood chippers below and contact Vermeer WA & NT for a hands-on demo.