Both Ditch Witch and Vermeer offer a wide selection of mini skid steers and it can sometimes be hard to choose the best one for your needs. As a result, today we will be comparing two similar compact utility loaders; the Ditch Witch SK900 and the Vermeer S925TX. We hope this useful article will help you make a more informed decision with your next mini skid steer purchase.

Key features


The Ditch Witch SK900 has a length of 2.67 m (with a standard bucket), a height of 1.45 m, and a width of 1.09 m. In comparison, the Vermeer S925TX is slightly larger with a length of 2.69 m (with a standard bucket), a height of 1.47 m, and a width ranging from 0.91 m – 1.02 m depending on the tracks’ size. Both models are compact in size and able to perform in tight spaces where bigger machines (like a mini excavator) might struggle.

Engine power

The SK900 mounts a 1.27 L Yanmar 3TNV80FT diesel engine with a total of 25 hp. On the other hand, Vermeer uses Kubota engines for its mini skid steers and offers three engine options with the S925TX. The first option is the 25 hp Kubota V1505 diesel engine, option two is the same Kubota V1505 diesel engine but upgraded to have 35 hp, and the final option is the 40 hp Kubota WG1605 petrol engine.


Both models come with the option for 7″ (180 mm) or 9″ (230 mm) tracks, depending on the ground pressure and traction you want from your mini skid steer. However, no matter which tracks you choose, both will be able to handle tough ground conditions and provide great stability.

Fuel tank capacity

In terms of fuel tank capacity, the Ditch Witch SK900 can accommodate a total of 40 L, while the Vermeer S925TX has a larger tank (for all three engine options) that can hold 49.2 L of fuel. This means that the S925TX has a longer run time than the SK900 before needing refuelling. 



Performance is key when it comes to selecting the best mini skid steer for your jobsite. Time is money, and you want to be sure your machine can perform its tasks efficiently. That is why we have prepared a table comparing the performance of both compact utility loaders.

Ditch Witch SK900 Vermeer S925TX
Gross Power Rating 24.3 hp 35 hp
Power to Weight Ratio 0.01656 hp/kg 0.0230 hp/kg
Travel Speed 6.4 km/h 7.3 km/h
Max. Angle of Inclination 27° 30°
Operating Height 2.1 m 2.1 m


Reasons to buy the Vermeer S925TX


Although both machines come with similar specifications, the Vermeer S925TX offers greater engine customization and better performance overall. We have isolated three key features that we think make this model a better buy than the Ditch Witch mini skid steer.

  1. Engine power: the Vermeer S925TX offers greater engine customization, which includes deciding whether you prefer diesel or petrol, but also selecting an engine power that suits your needs. Choices range from 25hp and 35hp with the Kubota V1505 to 40hp with the Kubota WG1605 engine.
  2. Fuel tank capacity: with a larger tank capable of holding 49.2 L of fuel, the S925TX is expected to have a longer runtime than the Ditch Witch SK900. This can be very convenient if you are running on a tight schedule and need a machine that lasts all day long.
  3. Performance: the S925TX offers superior performance compared to the Ditch Witch SK900, and this can make quite a difference on your jobsite. Factors like better power to weight ratio and superior horsepower can greatly influence the speed and efficiency of your work.

Explore the Vermeer range


At Vermeer WA & NT, we supply a wide range of mini skid steers, including the S925TX discussed in this article. All our models offer great comfort for the operator and come with great after-sale service to all our customers in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. In addition, you can choose from an increasing array of attachments to make your mini skid steer as versatile and efficient as possible.

If you are looking for a smaller size, we recommend checking out the S450TX. This model offers an operating capacity of 226 kg and a tipping capacity of 648 kg. It also comes with two 25hp engine options, one diesel, and one petrol.

On the other hand, if you are looking for larger equipment, we recommend taking a look at the CTX100. This bigger skid steer comes with an operating capacity of 469 kg and a tipping capacity of 1341 kg. In addition, the model has a strong 40hp Kohler KDI 1903 diesel engine and a fuel tank capacity of 54.9 L.

Contact us today for any formation regarding our range of reliable mini skid steers or visit us at our dealership in Kewdale to see the machines from up close! 

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