With the recent storms and bad weather in Australia, tree removal is more important than ever. Fallen trees are a genuine safety hazard to drivers, homes and pedestrians. All sorts of things can go wrong when a tree comes crashing down, from hitting power lines and smashing through homes, to blocking off roads. 

Professional tree removal services require specific equipment to get the job done properly. If you’re thinking of removing trees on your property, that have either fallen or are about to fall, you’ll need to have these essential tools. Please note that you must have experience in using power tools and machinery. You must also have at least one competent person helping you, as you should never work alone with machinery.


1. Arborist equipment – for climbing


Tall trees can be so dangerous to remove. Arbor gear is perhaps one of the most important items in tree removal equipment. It makes climbing easier, especially if it’s a bigger tree, and typically contains a climbing harness, tree-climbing ropes, rigging, throwlines, weights, carabiners, micrograms and helmets. Even the best tree removal experts use this equipment to traverse, cut and remove branches safely.

2. Chainsaw – for tree limb removal


Arborist gear is great, but you still need something to actually cut the limbs off a tree. Larger branches are just too difficult to remove with a handaxe, so this is where a chainsaw comes in handy. Chainsaws need to have their chain sharpened so they’re safer to use. A blunt chain will want to bite and grab into the wood, throwing the saw out of your hands. Also, remember to wear a safety helmet, gloves and shoes when using this equipment. 

3. Wood chippers – to dispose of branches 


Wood chippers are a piece of heavy equipment useful for the disposal of branches and trunks. They are great for removalists because they don’t have to load large branches or trees on the back of a truck. The grinder mulches the wood, so it’s easier to carry and dispose of it and can also be used as garden mulch.

stump grinders

4. Stump grinders – to finish up the job


A lot of the time when a tree falls or is cut down, there’s a stump left over. Getting rid of a tree stump is always important, as it can create a safety hazard, hamper future tree growth, and host diseases or unwanted pests. A stump grinder is another large piece of equipment that has a spinning grinder capable of mulching a tree stump all the way down to the roots. 

5. Assortment of smaller tools


Hand Saws and Axes – There is a range of smaller tree removal equipment required for the job, such as wedges and hand saws and axes. Small branches don’t need to be cut off with a chainsaw or mulched up with a wood chipper. They can be easily cut off with an axe or a handsaw. 

Wedges – These are just as vital as any other tool. If you’re cutting down a tree, you need it to fall in a certain direction. The wedges are placed in the cut line to encourage a tree to fall the way you want. 

Get your own tree removal equipment


If you own a large property or are in the tree removal business, we can help! Our website features a wide range of tree care equipment. It doesn’t matter how big a tree is or how thick its branches are, we have the tools for the job. 

Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT is among the industry-leading landscaping equipment suppliers. We only supply the highest quality equipment for tree cutting and removing. From arbor gear and stump grinders to wood chippers, we have it all. For any queries come visit us in store or call us on (08) 9479 4994.

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